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    16ish Week Easter Eggers- sexing thoughts?

    So I posted early on to ask for advice and the reviews were mixed and it was probably too early to tell. Now that they’re older... let’s try again! Of my 4 new “girls” do we think any of them are going to start crowing soon?
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    Hello from “Cope’s Coop”!

    Hi all- I never formally introduced myself the first time I on this thread, but wanted to express how much this community has helped me through my first experiences as an adult chicken owner. We have been through predator attacks, crop blockages, finicky layers, and sexing debacles in my six...
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    Sexing 4(ish) week Easter Eggers?

    This forum was immensely helpful with sexing my young RIRs! I have four new Easter Eggers that I was told were about 4 weeks and likely hens. I wanted the help of this community since this is a new breed for me. Thanks in advance! Oh! PS question- how early do you all start introducing mealworm...
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    8-9 week RIR - sexing help!

    I bought 8 RIR pullets from TSC back at the end of March. So far, 6 have solid combs and a few even have the dark/glossy curved tail feathers coming in. I’m *hoping* that I really don’t have 6 roosters out of this batch, but based on reading previous threads, I’m worried it’s true. The two in...
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