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    Question regarding temperature and moving to coop.

    Hello! New chicken owners here. We have 4 barred rock hens that we would like to move to the coop soon. We currently have them in the garage with a heat lamp on... and are thinking of turning the heat lamp off tonight to start climatizing them. The temperatures outside have been around -10...
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    Why is my chicken doing this crowing movement?

    She looks like shes yawning...3 weeks old or maybe it's a he and he is fake crowing? Just curious as to why it's doing it.
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    Barred Plymouth Rock roo or pullet

    Here is number 3 and 4 again... :) I love these chickens. Can update when theyr 6 weeks.
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    Barred Plymouth Rock roo or pullet

    Whens the best time to tell? When their combs develop more?
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    Barred Plymouth Rock roo or pullet

    Hi there, I have 4 barred plymouth rocks. I have attached pictures of each below for you to check out. I'm thinking one is a roo.. but I'm also a first time chicken owner.... What do you think? I'm pretty sure they're all pullets except the last one I'm iffy on. They're 3 weeks old now ♡♡♡
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