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    Do you see any Roos in those pictures?

    Hi y’all, I’m attaching a few pictures, I have a mixed flock of jersey giants, speckled Sussex, RIR, cinnamon queens and barred rocks. They are all about 16-17 weeks old. I know all the queens are pullets but I have my doubts about some of the other ones. Mainly a couple of the Sussex and one...
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    Help distinguishing between hens and roos

    I have 14 week old chicks, I have my suspicions of a few that my be Roos, but y’all know more about chicks than I do. I have barred Rocks, Rhode Island, speckled sussex, cinnamon queens and jersey giants.
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    Getting there with the coop

    Im no builder by any means but pretty damn proud of myself for repurposing wood pallets. Half way there with the coop, I still need to finish with the roof, the inside (attach the nesting boxes/roosts/add windows) and the run.
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    Hello from WA

    Hello all, My name is Ilian, I’m a mom of two; I’m a veterinary technician who dreams of having a micro farm one day. I love to bake and cook, I’m a homestead enthusiast. Gardening is definitely not my forte but I just keep swimming LOL I am relatively new to chickens, well I had them...
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