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    Run and deep litter help please

    We just made our Bantam chicken flock a new run on the side of our house. It has a roof so little to no rain should get in. I really would like to do the deep litter method so we can use the compost for our gardens. I really am not sure what are the best materials. We live in Northern California...
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    Strange poop from my broody

    Hello, two days ago my little alike went broody for the first time. But since yesterday I’ve notice her poops being watery. Some hard normal looking and some watery. Today I saw this under where she slept. Not sure if it’s normal or needs attention. The rest of her poops from last night are...
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    Wire cage for broody hen

    Just about to order a cage off amazon but want to make sure it’s the right size. I have Batam hens so they are pretty small. Do you think a 22in would be a good size? Here is the one I was looking at. We do have a small coop so want to make sure it’s fits AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding...
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    Laying is quite the production here!

    Only two hens are laying but the last few days. Everyone is interested. They all follow her in the hen house and the pullets have started getting in the nesting boxes even the one my Laying pullet is in! It’s taking at least 2 hrs for the commotion to die down. I can’t imagine when they are all...
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    How many eggs do your bantams lay a week?

    We have five little batams Silkie, frizzled cochin, D ‘Uccle, a cochin cross and a hamburg cross. We have them for two reasons. Pets for the kids and eggs for the family. We have a small space so bantams were our only choice really. We love them small! Just wondering how many eggs everyone here...
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    A sign of getting ready to start laying?

    Hi all! I have 5 bantams and two started laying 2 weeks ago! It was so exciting!!! But three of them are around 6-8 months old and not laying yet. I’ve notice in the last couple days they have started going in the hen house a lot more during the day. Well today, I find that my nesting boxes were...
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    Are these mites?

    I checked one of my birds vent and under the wings during the day and didn’t see anything, but they do have scaley leg mites right now. When I was cleaning out their coop floor I found a couple of these. Some of them were reddish and some this color ranging from skinny to a little bigger. I...
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    Scaley leg mites question?

    So my poor bantam pullets are Infected with scaley leg mites. Some worse then others. Most of them have feather legs and feet so I didn’t notice right away. I’m very new to chickens. Do I need to burn their bedding and deep clean their coop for scaley leg mites? My coop is pretty small. I just...
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    Can anyone help with bantam crosses? Thanks 😊

    I have two bantam crosses (Rosey and Dottie) which I’m not sure at all of their breeds. Any help or opinion would be great. I’m wondering what color eggs they might lay. They are both pullets around 6 months old. Thank you for looking
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    Is this a silkie egg?

    I have 5 batams that are around 7 months old. We found an egg on the run floor on Sunday!!! Yeah!! So I made up their nesting boxes and put some wood eggs in there. Yesterday we found an egg in The hen house by the nesting box. This morning when we checked and the silky was in the nesting box...
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    Just got some new chicks today that are about 6-8 weeks old. Please take a look!

    I Know they’re crosses between Cochin and silkies and I’m not sure what the other variables are. The lady who sold them said she was almost certain they were hens. I’m not sure about the white one though. Thank you for your thoughts!
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    These are suppose to be hens

    Just want some thoughts on these new chick we got. They are 8 weeks old. They are a mixed breed This one is a this one is a silkie frizzle this is a seabright frizzle thank you for any replies
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    Silkie hen question?

    Can silkie hens have some reddish coloring to their comb? Or is that just Roos? I pick this chick up today thinking probably hen but I notice a reddish hint to her comb?
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    Silkie roo or hen? 12 weeks old

    What do you all think about that chick? She was hatch feb 5th? I am going to pick her up today but not sure if it’s a roo? Don’t want any Roos!!! The breeder said he’s not sure. His is the only pic I have are those rooster streamers I see coming in?
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    Is this a roo silkie or a hen?

    I have a chance to purchase this chick today it was hatched February 5 so I believe it is about 12 weeks old. This is the only picture I have from the breeder. He said he has no idea if it’s a Hen or a rooster. I was wondering if anyone can determine the sex from this picture. Is that Roo...
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    Can anyone help sex my silkie chicks?

    So I have five little 5 week old and 4 week old chicks. I’m not allowed to keep roosters in my neighborhood so we are dying to guess which ones we will get to keep! This is Dorothy or Dottie - 4 weeks old This is Laya - 5 weeks old this is Ursula - 4 weeks ild she started doing this...
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