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    Hen eats it own eggs

    I have 4, 1and 1/2 year old hens which are laying eggs for the last 1 year but suddenly 2 days before when i went to collect eggsi found one of the hen eating raw egg which happened the next day also leaving remains of shell alone what should I do to prevent this behaviour?
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    Hens aggressive pecking

    I have 24 country chickens in my deep litter farm out of them 3 are 1 and half year olds others are 4 month olds the big ones are always trying to chase away the young by pecking aggresively from food or they are pecking without any reason can anyone suggest some tips to stop this please?
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    New coop

    This is my new 200 sq feet terrace deep litter poultry farm which is completely caged for my chickens but the problem is that i can't find any way to protect it from rain can anyone please send some ways to prevent rain from entering.
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    Chick standing with eyes closed

    I bought 10 new 3 day old chick from government run poultry store but one among it is standing at the same place with its eyes closed for 2 hours I am really worried about this chick. What should I do? Note: It is a mixed breed country chicken.
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    This is my 2 day old chick but she seems to have problem with walking as her umbilical cord appears to be wrapped around her left thigh which makes her to limp while walking.What should I do? Should I try to remove it or leave it as it is. Please answer quickly.
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    Assisted hatching

    This chick is trying since yesterday morning to hatch it's body at places where shell is broken appears to be dry. What should I do? Thank you for your answes in advance
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    Stiff leg emergency

    This is my 3week old chick when she was a week old and was starting to have curled toes and I used band-aid to treat it which got better but after a week she appears to have a stiff right leg which doesn't bend like the left one so she cannot walk rather crawls with splayed legs. I tried the...
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    What breed is this?

    Can you please tell me which Indian breed it is ?
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    This is my 7 week old chick. In the last two days the the hairs on her wings have fallen and appers like in the picture above is this some kind of health issue? If so can you please tell me ways to treat it. Note : She appears to be healthy and active.
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    Vitamin supplements

    Can I provide my 1week old, 1month old and 4month old chicks daily with vitamin supplements mixed in water ? Is it safe? Note : I feed them with government certified started and grower feeds.
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    Brooder mesh floor

    Is it safe to use the above shown 0.25 sq.inch Mesh for flooring of my brooder for my 4week old chicks? Thank you in advace for your responses :)
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    Perosis trouble

    These are her pictures she is 5 months old and was hatched by natural brooding. I give her government sold certified starter and grower feed. This problem started when she was a month old with her knee bending and it gradually progressed and also she was born with no third toe on both her legs...
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    Crooked foot emergency

    My 5day old baby chick's right foot is slightly crooked I tried treating her by putting her in boots for 2days to straighten it but it is not working and now I she is also having splayed legs. Can you please tell me if there is any way to treat her? She is one of 16 chicks born by artificial...
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    Suffering from perosis

    My 5month old chicken is suffering from perosis can it lead a normal life
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    Need advise on introduction of new chicks

    Can I introduce my 4, 6 week old chicks with 5 month old chickens in the same deep litter system? Note:All the chickens were hatched by artificial incubation
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