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    Cornish X size at slaughter

    I've raised Cornish X for about 7 years, skipping last year. My new processor only slaughters 1X a week. I got my birds April 9, April 15 and April 29. (120 total). It has been so unseasonably cold here that they only went out on pasture recently. They seem to be small for their age and I am...
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    Chicks upper respiratory illness oxytetracycline dosage?

    I have 2 batches of chicks with sneezing, wheezing symptoms. Came vaccinated and fed medicated feed. My best guess upper respiratory infection. Been cold and wet here. Got oxytetracycline calf scour boluses as can’t get any other antibiotics w/out vet visit. Read here to dose at 800 mg/gallon...
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