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    Light Brahma Trio for sale, Central Florida

    8 month old Light Brahma trio. The girls are laying great and the roo is getting the job done! Pick up only or will consider meeting halfway depending on the distance.
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    WTB Bourbon Red Turkeys poults, hatching eggs or adults Florida

    Looking for Bourbon Red turkeys (adults or poults) in Florida. Or would purchase hatching eggs to be shipped. Not hatchery stock, would prefer show quality or at least close. Located in Central Florida. Thanks!
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    Anyone buy quality chicken hatching eggs off Ebay?

    I've been tempted to get some hatching eggs from EBay, but have heard mixed reviews of people not getting exactly what was advertised or them not being "pure", but those could just be isolated incidents. I prefer to order local or on the BYC, but I'm not having any luck finding the breeds I'm...
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    Ducks not laying

    I have 4 Cayuga hens about a year and half old now and they have stopped laying completely for 6 months, one started laying again about 2 weeks ago and has stopped again. I don't know if something is taking my eggs or they are just on strike, is there anything I can do to boost egg production...
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    Light Brahma Chicks - Citrus County FL

    Hatched 3/24/12 - light brahma chicks. Pictures of parents on our website at Local pick up or can meet at any of the local swaps coming up this month. We will be at the South Ocala Tractor Supply swap on 4/14/12.
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    Ducklings - Central Florida

    10 chocolate muscovy ducklings for sale. Hatched 2/13/12. $5. 2 Pekin and 4 blue/white runners hatched 12/7/11 $8obo. Located in Citrus County FL. More pictures avaliable.
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    Pekin and Muscovy Ducks for sale - Central Florida

    I have 2 Pekin drakes and 4 hens about 7-8 months old and 2 Muscovy drakes and 4 hens. Pick up only or will meet at swap in Ocala on the 10th. Muscovy hens haven't started laying yet, but the pekins have just started in the last month and have been laying regularly. Take one or all. 15$ each...
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    Anyone have SQ Pekin ducks? Pics

    I currently have 6 pekins and I just love them. My neighbors daughter wants to show one in the fair next year and I'm just wondering what a SQ pekin is suppose to look like and if mine are close to the standard. I don't want her to be crushed if my ducks aren't up to par. I think they are...
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    Random Roos

    I got these 2 roos from a couple that were keeping them for a friend that decided they no longer wanted them. I was told when I went to go get them that it was 2 hens... I guess they were a bit confused and didn't know that hens don't crow. I think the first one looks a bit like a Mille Fleur...
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    Bought my first hatching eggs from the BYC! Yay

    Today I made my first purchase on the BYC, I've been a lurker and windowshopper for a while now, never seem to have the time or money to bid on an auction or buy something. Today the stars finally aligned for me and I bought 18 eggs some Cayuga, muscovy, and runner eggs! I'm so excited, people...
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    Will Pekins and Cayugas cross?

    I currently have 6 pekins(2 drakes) and I'm getting 3 cayugas(1 drake) next Saturday. I'm wondering if I need to keep them in different pens or can I keep them together? I don't want any mixed eggs since I hatch them. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Roast Duck Recipe

    We're going to have 2 ducks making their way to our freezer this weekend and I want to roast one on an open flame for the family since they are going to be coming over to help us with a few projects. What would be the best way to roast it?
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    Florida Breeders Directory?

    Is there one started or would anyone be interested in starting a "directory" of Florida Breeders so people have somewhere they can look to find something they are looking for. I know I've had the hardest time trying to track down breeders for birds I'm looking for. I know there's the treads out...
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    WTB: Yokohma Chicks/Hatching Eggs

    I'm looking for Red Shouldered Yokohmas and can't find them anywhere, I have 4 hatchery stock chicks right now, but was hoping to find someone that has some better quality birds that I can get into my breeding program. I love the breed and would really like to find some more. If anyone knows...
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    WTB: Cayuga and Buff or Blue Cochin chicks/hatching eggs in Central FL

    I'm looking for Cayuga duckings or hatching eggs Standard Buff or Blue Giant Cochin chicks or hatching eggs. I can't seem to find them anywhere. Hopefully someone out there has some for me I'm in Citrus County FL. I'm ok with having eggs shipped if needed.
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    3 Light Bramha Roos

    Just PM me with which ones you would be interested in, can send photos. Getting out of chickens for a while and need to rehome the rest of my oldies but goodies. 3 6 month old Light Bramha roos and 1 year old black hen, just hatched 7 eggs, but I only let her keep one chick and one White mutt...
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    Chicks-Yokohamas, Spitzhaubens, Light Bramhas, Central Florida

    Don't hit Buy it now, just PM me with which ones you would be interested in. Hatched May 18th, Pick up only, will meet at Swap if needed. Red Shouldered Yokohamas, Spitzhaubens, Light Bramhas and EE/Golden Polish mixes. Ordered from Cackle Hatchery and have decided to get out of raising...
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    Assorted Chicks! Citrus County FL

    Red Shouldered Yokohama- st run - $6 Appenzeller Spitzhauben - st run - $5 Light Bramha - pullets - $6 Golden polish/EE mixes - $4 Also have 3 Light Bramha Roos - 5 months old - $7 1 White Pullet - $10 Message me for which ones you would be interested in. I can get pictures.
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    Assorted Pullets - Downsizing Pick up only - Central Florida

    Dont hit buy it now, just contact me for any you would interested in. Downsizing - Need to sell laying hens/young pullets. I have 3 Black Easter Eggers, just over a year old. Lay Light Blue eggs. 4 Black Stars - will be laying any time now. 1 white mutt, just started laying 1 Polish Rooster -...
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    Lethargic Chicks

    I have 2 about 2 month old polish chicks that have all of a sudden gotten very lethargic, will not eat or drink anything. They were fine yesturday evening when I put them up for the night, but this afternoon they just laid there and the other chicks seem to be fine, they're eating and drinking...
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