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  1. Pinenot

    frontline and infertility

  2. Pinenot

    frontline and infertility

    Does anyone know if there is a link between frontline spray on and infertility?
  3. Pinenot

    Silkie Hen with leg problem - broken? Plz help

    I have my layer hens in with 3 goats and I have a hen that has broken a toe on each foot by getting stepped on, but she still thinks she needs to snuggle with the goats. I bet her toe was stepped on.
  4. Pinenot

    Need help!! Rooster skinned hen's back with spur

    She REALLY needs to be sewed back up. Just use warm water to wash it out. Apply Betadine from the pharmacy or walmart. Sew her up...and the skin will stretch. Have someone hold her while you sew it up...and if you don't think you can, pretend it is fabric you're sewing. Apply scarlet oil for the...
  5. Pinenot

    Green Poo?

    Does it look florecent? If so that is an indication of not eating well. If the bird is under a year old, I would treat for cocci-only if it is bright florecent green.
  6. Pinenot

    Blue Polish? ---Pics added!

    I breed Polish, do you have a picture? It sounds to me like a mix. Blues won't be born white.
  7. Pinenot

    Update another attack!! What kink of Predator do I have????

    This time it scaled a 6 foot chain link fence. It left the bird! It just had its feathers take off its back and tail with a 1x2 inch gash that I had to sew up. There were also a couple small scratches on the tail and a 1/2 inch gash on the vent. owl or bobcat? We have chicken wire over the...
  8. Pinenot

    Update another attack!! What kink of Predator do I have????

    I forgot to add, this was at 4 something in the morning. I heard the chickens throwing a fit, but I just thought the rooster must have done something to get them going.
  9. Pinenot

    Update another attack!! What kink of Predator do I have????

    Something got one of my chickens. There were feathers outside the barn. There were feathers strung across or over a 5 foot fence to a spot in the yard, where there were a pile of feathers. There were no parts or bones, just feathers. There were no feathers any where else. What kind of predator...
  10. Pinenot

    Which hatchery should I order Barred Rock chicks from?

    Are you looking for Bantam or Standard? How many are you wanting?
  11. Pinenot

    Pullets keep getting more sick - I'm getting frustrated. Help!

    I would treat your birds with Corid Liquid for cocci at a rate of 2teaspoons per gallon of water, for 7 days. I would also add vit. E to the water. If you are really frustrated and need a Dr.s advice here is a link. It is free and he is a great poultry dr. Make...
  12. Pinenot

    SILKIE PEOPLE!! Huge spurs...can i trim them?...

    He has leg mites really bad. I would buy some Sulfur Ointment and use it. Smiths Gamebird and Poultry Supply carries it. I had a couple of birds shipped to me and when I got them they had leg mites. I used the Sulfur Ointment and I haven't had to use it again. It has been over a year. He is at...
  13. Pinenot

    Exactly how much grain to feed my goats?

    A complete feed is fine. Don't feed any whole grains as a treat. If you feel you need to give them a treat, give them something dried...they LOVE corn stalks or dried bean plants....
  14. Pinenot

    Exactly how much grain to feed my goats?

    No grain, it can cause bloat. I feed grass hay, as much as they want and purina show goat ration, 1/2 c. 2xs a day per goat.
  15. Pinenot

    4-sale Bantam Barred Rock eggs Check out link for discription and pictures.
  16. Pinenot

    Polish can't see, haircut?

    A chicken sees strait ahead. Trim the feathers from around the eye to the beak. That should do it.
  17. Pinenot

    Silver Laced Polish Bantam? Tell me all about them!

    They do NOT do good in cold. You would have to keep them in a heated coop at all times, when it is below 40. They will also need to drink out of a fountain that you attach to a water bottle. They can get their crest wet and freeze. Here is a site for you to check out...
  18. Pinenot

    Polish chickens hardy?

    I live in Missouri and we keep our Polish in the barn during the winter or weather below freezing. We also have them drink out of fountains that you put on a pop bottle. They can freeze their crest if wet.
  19. Pinenot

    Which BANTAM breeds are available BARRED here in the US?

    Sure.. PM or email me you info. This batch of eggs on eggbid are probably going to be my last for the summer. I will let you know this fall when I start back up. I will put you on my list
  20. Pinenot

    Barred Rock Bantam OWNERS

    My BBR are very mild. They are probably one of the softest crower we have.
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