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  1. emmalynn

    Incubator I don't need- prefer the "Goose" groups get first dibs

    I have one of those styrofoam Little Giant Incubators (still air) that has seen better days but does work just fine. I have no need for it and I really prefer the Hovabators that I have. As I only plan on hatching just enough Sebbies for some people I promised and to double check fertility for...
  2. emmalynn

    Mostly White Bearded Silkie Eggs (there is a possibility of other colors)- NPIP

    PLEASE RESPOND IN THE AD VERSUS SENDING A PM Auction starting at $30- shipping addl $15 8+ white silkie eggs (there is the odd hen in the pen that is not white but will be moving them this weekend) all covered by white roos. Girls are currently laying well. We do show and no DQ birds are...
  3. emmalynn

    Auction- Silkie Hatching Eggs- Test Shipment

    Can't ship to HI, AK, VA, or anywhere that requires addl paperwork. NPIP TN-303 I am not hatching anymore this year. I have a mixed group at the moment as we are building a new chicken barn. I have hatched nothing but white from this pen but of course anything is possible. I am not totally...
  4. emmalynn

    Original recipe or extra crispy?

    one of the grow out groups- my personal BUCKET O'CHICKEN
  5. emmalynn

    Pyrenees Puppies---UPDATE 12/15/11---only 1 girl left

    Only 1 female left. She is the all white puppy with black ears (3rd from the right) We have purebred but not registered puppies. They were born 12/05/11 and I am looking to have homes all lined up before they wean. Their parents are my goat LGDs. We have 3 boys and 3 girls. I am taking...
  6. emmalynn

    Isn't she adorable???

    We are almost to the 'tween' stage of chicks but he/she is still so adorable. I had to share
  7. emmalynn

    3 silkie roosters- free - local p/u only

    Please do not hit buy it now- just PM me which one you would like to have 2 splash and 1 blue. Correct toes, feathering, and ear lobes. Local pickup only.
  8. emmalynn

    Nativity Scene- Embroidery

    Family friend has started an embroidery business. Would like to gauge interest in some of her projects. Shipping will be calculated by zip code. It is on a canvas approx 24x36. Beautiful and just wanting to be framed. Perfect for Christmas. Would make a great gift. She has tons of other...
  9. emmalynn

    Lone Peachick and Clueless Owner **added pic

    I had only 1 peachick hatch from the eggs I bought. This is the first time for peacock eggs and only 2 developed and then I lost one. Could anyone help with a list of egg sellers or if anyone is selling eggs please let me know. I am not picky about color but this chick looks to be IB from a...
  10. emmalynn

    special silkie eggs hatch along- UPDATE

    I have never been in a hatch a long but I am starting one myself now. I actually won an auction from a very impressive silkie breeder. I have been bidding on eggs from her for the past 2 years and I finally won!!! I think she has gorgeous silkies and I was dancing for joy in my cubicle...
  11. emmalynn

    Easter Beanies

    I would like to trade these little beanies for hatching eggs. I am looking for 6 or so of an Orp, Rock, Dominque, or another heavy breed brown egg layer. These would make some child a nice Easter basket addition. They have been in my desk at work since last Easter. A little spring cleaning while...
  12. emmalynn

    I Am So Devastated

    Came home from work today to find that all but two of my silkies were dead. I have cried all afternoon long. I don't know if I can handle this. I love my chickens so much and I just don't think I can go thru this again with new ones. I have eggs on the way and now I don't know if I even want...
  13. emmalynn

    Reserve Price Not Met

    When you win the auction but the reserve price was not you really win the auction?
  14. emmalynn

    MIDDLE TN - Meet and greet

    I have met some wonderful online people here on BYC and would love to put some faces with names on those that are local. How about it folks? Get together and do lunch, maybe swap a bird or two? Can't be in Nashville due to the new ruling about selling birds out of your car. I don't want to see...
  15. emmalynn

    Sebastopol Goose Eggs

    I posted the other day about getting my first one and guess what ... IT IS FERTILE!!!!!
  16. emmalynn

    White Sebastopol Eggs- Do not push the buy it now button

    My white sebastopols have started laying. I have 2 pair with parents coming from Johnsons Waterfowl and Holderreads. The price is per egg. I am taking reservations. PM me how many you want and I will be able to send the first batches starting Monday 03/08/10. I have eggs in the incubator right...
  17. emmalynn

    I got my first...

    Sebastopol Goose Egg!!!! Now to see if they are fertile. Would there be any interest in a give away for a pair? Here is a pic from last year:
  18. emmalynn

    10 Buff Orpington Laying Hens- TN

    I have 10 girls that have finished molt and have started laying again. We are concentrating on Sebrights and Sebastopols this year and some of the extras need to go. Prefer pick up as these are some big girls!! I do not have any boxes so if you really want them shipped we will have to work it...
  19. emmalynn

    white silkie flock

    EDIT**** 01/13/10 Will be selling them in groups and individuals instead of the entire flock. Still do not want to ship. Deciding to cut way back and selling my flock of silkies. They are from noted lines and we are NPIP certified. They are pick up only!!! There are 12 total, all white...
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