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  1. Gray Farms

    Free White Sebastopol Eggs

    Free White Sebastopol Eggs. Geese have been laying a few eggs daily but aren't setting yet and its been to cold. Eggs are collected each evening but are likely not viable due to the cold. I've just been eating them so far. If you want to try them they are free. They'd have to be picked up, no...
  2. Gray Farms

    Iowa Blues

    As you may or may not know Iowa Blues are an increasingly rare breed. And one of the few US heritage breeds developed here in the Midwest. Being born in the great state of Iowa myself I've always felt an added need to champion the breed. I've raised Iowa Blues for nearly 10 years now. I can't...
  3. Gray Farms

    Iowa Blue and Spangled Russian Orloff pullets

    Iowa Blue and Spangled Russian Orloff pullets for sale. 6-7 months old. $15 each. appx 10 of each for sale. I don't ship. Located in NW MO.
  4. Gray Farms

    Is us just me?

    Does anybody else do a little happy dance in their head when you see a varmint "fox, racoon, possum, coyote, etc.." hit on the road near their house? One less predator in my area right. Is it just me? No chicken dinner for you Mr. Roadkill Coyote!
  5. Gray Farms

    Poultry Auction In Gardner Kansas 9/14/2019

    HOAGBA/Gardner Auction 8:00 A. M., Saturday, September 14, 2019 Johnson County Fairgrounds, Gardner, Kansas, located at 136 E. Washington Street in downtown Gardner. Take Exit 210 off I-35. Go west on Highway 56/Main St to the 4th stoplight. Turn right onto Elm St. Go north 2 blocks to the...
  6. Gray Farms

    Old English color advice

    A friend of mine was wanting to breed blue columbian patterned birds this year. "White birds with blue rather than black in the hackles and tail." I'm limited in genetics knowledge to let you all know up front. But I recommended to him to breed a splash over his columbians thinking splash x...
  7. Gray Farms

    Dang varmints!!

    Heard a ruckus from the geese and guineas this morning. By the time I got my boots on and got out there I counted 9 geese instead of 10. Followed the trail through the brush and recovered the body. Pretty sure it was a fox and it got on of my 2018 ganders. Better than loosing a female but loss...
  8. Gray Farms

    Rare Breed Roosters

    2-Spangled Russian Orloffs 1-Swedish Flower Hen 1-Dark Brahma 1-Salmon Favorelle 1-English Buff Orpington 1-Black Sumatra 1-White Faced Black Spanish My back up breeder roosters are no longer needed as I have chicks hatched so they need to move out. They are all 12-14 months old. $10 each NW...
  9. Gray Farms

    You guys agree right?

    You guys all agree with me right. These are not Spitzhaubens nor silver spangled pattern.
  10. Gray Farms

    Its that time of year again Exotic Bird, Small Animal, & Equipment Auction in Gardner KS

    Heart Of America Game Breeders Association /Gardner Auction Anyone and everyone in the Midwest and beyond is encouraged to come!! Its always a great sale. 8:00 A. M., Saturday, March 16, 2019 Johnson County Fairgrounds, Gardner, Kansas, located at 136 E. Washington Street in downtown Gardner...
  11. Gray Farms

    Rare & Heritage breeds

    Chicks are 3-5 months old. Most can be sexed. $10 each, you pick em. Northwest Missouri, local pick up only, No hatchery birds here, All parent stock on site Iowa Blues Black Sumatras Dark Brahmas Spangled Russian Orloffs Swedish Flower Hens English Buff Orpingtons Salmon Favorelles White Faced...
  12. Gray Farms

    Auction in Gardner Kansas

    The Heart of America Game Breeder Association auction is March 17 this spring in Gardner KS. Anybody in the Midwest and beyond is encouraged to come! There is always a large selection "usually 500-700 lots or more" of really good quality poultry of all kinds and typically several rabbits as...
  13. Gray Farms

    ISO Palomino Brahmas

    In search of Palomino Brahmas. Anybody breeding them or know someone who does?
  14. Gray Farms

    Rare Breed Chickens for sale

    Cleaning out my closet before breeding season starts next month. 3-English Buff Orpingtons cockerels,8 months old-$5 each 1-Blue Gold Partridge Brahma cockerel,8 months old-$10 3-Black English Orpington hens,2 years old-$10 each 4-Black Sumatra pullets, 6 months old-$10 each 3-English Buff...
  15. Gray Farms

    Large Breed White Faced Black Spanish Rooster

    I am in need of a large breed White Faced Black Spanish rooster. Show or breeder quality. Near me "NW MO" or will ship. Price, pics, and background info "ie, breeder or hatcher stock" in replies. Thanks everybody.
  16. Gray Farms

    Buckeyes, Iowa Blues, & Silver Spitzhaubens

    Several Buckeye, Iowa Blue, and Silver Spitzhauben chicks for sale $6 each. From quality lines, not hatchery stock. Local pick up only. 2-8 weeks old.
  17. Gray Farms

    New to BackYard Chickens

    Hello everybody. I'm brand new to BackYard Chickens. But nearly 20 year veteran in the poultry industry/business/hobby/etc. I've raised everything from button quail to emu over the years. I've owned nearly every breed of chickens at one point in time over the years when I was starting out. When...
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