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    Beak trimming

    Hey I just wondered if I needed to trim my turkeys beak(s)? The females top now hangs below her bottom part. I'll get a photo. Is there anything I can do to help them naturally?
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    Hen becoming aggressive

    Hi there, my Turkey hen is about 17 months old now but over the last week or so she has been packing partner and my son when they are near her. This is completely unlike her, she is usually quite placid. She is still fine with me, though I hatched them. Is there any reason for a sudden change...
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    Size of shed for 2 x Turkey

    Hi guys, I have 2 x Kelly bronze turkeys and am getting them a new shed for the winter. I wondered if 6ft x 4ft would be big enough or if a 7ft x 5ft would be better. They will spend quite a bit of time inside when the weather is bad. What do you think?
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    Best pet Turkey breeds

    Hi there We have lost 2 female Kelly bronze turkeys and, as we are new to keeping them, would like to get our Tom a couple of new hens, but would like to stay away from breeds that are really meant for the table. The 2 hens we had ended up with a lot of leg problems from size/genetics. What...
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    Turkey with swollen foot/possible break?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to ask everyonese opinion on my female Kelly bronze turkeys big toe. She's been to the vet and they gave pain killers and told us to bath in warm water with iodine. So far the toe looks no different after a week!! No puss came out when the vet...
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