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  1. meditativerose

    Silkies vs. Easter Eggers vs. Rhode Island Reds & who likes being held

    Two years ago, we got our first chicks, four Rhode Island Reds and four Australorps. They all grew to love being held, though the RIRs liked it much more, so much so that tow of them now eagerly hop up into my lap for a cuddle at every opportunity. This year, we got one RIR, three Easter...
  2. meditativerose

    Two dead hens...any ideas why?

    Hi, I kind of hate that my first post here is about dead hens. I've been reading this forum off and on for awhile, using it as a resource for our very small, urban flock. We have (had) seven hens, right at two years old. Three Australorps, four Rhode Island Reds. On 5/11, we found one of the...
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