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    Runner ducklings can anyone identify breed?

    Hello all and good morning! I hatched out two pure Indian runner duckling yesterday and was curious of two things one can anyone identify breed? I’m sure one is Emory penciled not sure about the other. Anyone care to guess? Also worst hatch I have ever had only two survived of nine one severely...
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    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Please help what do I do I dropped a hatching egg pretty hard I was moving them to another incubator they are due today should I leave him alone or get him out fast. I do have experience hatching eggs and have had to assist many only lost 2. I’ll attach a pic this just happened 5 min ago please...
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    Looking for runner ducks anyone know who’s selling?

    Hello friends! Looking for blue and chocolate runner ducks but all the hatcheries are sold out! 😔 does anyone know who’s selling right now? I don’t need 20 I just want to but maybe 5 or 6 first time buying live ducks. I purchased runner duck eggs from eBay and all had saddle bag air sacks so I’m...
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    My 3 day old duckling keep tilting his head up until she falls over

    Help please something went very wrong with this incubation process. I have never lost so many usually one or two this time I have lost all but 6 out of 14. The just drop dead suddenly and I am giving them proper care they are in my home under heat lamp and constantly looked after. The first...
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    Help my hatching duck are all dying!!

    So I have hatching ducks and they are all coming out with their yolk sack unabsorbed and they keep dying for some reason. Most of them where an assisted hatch and would have made it out on their own. Can someone please help me save the few I have left what can I do to help them? I have them in...
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