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  1. Serin

    How much space does a button quail really need?

    Posting on a pet forum, I was told that anything less than 4 x 2 x 2 feet is inhumane. I was called out as cruel, ignorant, and neglectful for having a pet quail indoors in a bird cage about 30 inches long and told by several people to give my bird away to someone who won't abuse it. I found...
  2. Serin

    Sweetpea the Tame Button Quail

    Sweetpea is 6 weeks old and was the only chick in her clutch to hatch so she bonded to me. She lives with an older brother now and bosses him around but she is still my little cuddly friend.
  3. Serin

    OMG! society finches hatched out quail eggs

    I put 4 button quail eggs in their nest when the mother stopped brooding. They took 20 days but two have just hatched assisted by the finches who help chip away the shells.
  4. Serin

    Sick Pet Quail? Weird noises - Video

    I bought this coturnix hen 4 days ago. She has periodically made these noises for the past two days - no noises first two. These don't sound right at all. They vary from belches to gurgling. She also periodically coughs. It's not constant, and there is no wheezing or rattling in her breath if I...
  5. Serin

    Button Quail Chat

    I got a pair of 6 week old button quail a few days ago as indoor pets. I have made them a very cheap, very roomy cage by cutting a few windows in the front, back and lid of a $14 120 qt sterilite storage tub and attaching bird cage panels for ventilation, and they love the room. They have some...
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