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    My friend in PA had this hen given to her today. Any idea on breed? Previous owner says it lays 1 white egg every other day.
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    Weird eggs

    We think we got 2 eggs from one chicken today, both weird! The first was a white ringed egg and the second was a larger slab sided egg, it was thin shelled and lighter in color than usual. I looked for causation on the article posted on this site, but we haven’t seen her sneezing and are not...
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    Frantic chicken behavior but not sitting on egg(s)

    Hello, I have 4 chickens, 26 weeks old, and 3 of the 4 are laying. One of them, the golden buff hybrid who was first to lay, has recently begun constantly jumping into and out of the nesting area, acting frantic, but she has no problem with us taking her egg each day and does come down to eat or...
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    First to lay is pecking others?

    We have 4 pullets, 19 weeks old. The golden buff (type of red sex-link) started laying 3 days ago and is now pecking 2 of the others, the #1 and #4 chickens, and pulling out feathers! She does not bother #3, but that one is a buckeye and does not put up with it. Is the new layer trying to buck...
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    Is this a red sex-link pullet?

    We got this chick in a batch of mixed breed brown Eggers that came to our local feed and seed from Meyer. Supposed to be a pullet. Is it a red sex-link, which they call golden buff? And I’m concerned about whether it’s really a pullet, although I think Meyer says 100% correct’s tail...
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    Barred Rock, Cuckoo Maran, or???

    Hello, we have our first chicks. They were bought at the local feed and seed, but I know they got them from Meyer in a brown Egger pullet mix. I thought this one was a barred rock, but I noticed today that she’s not barred all over, and her legs are white/gray. In the group pic, she is far...
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