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  1. grnthmb

    Bantam with walking problem

    I bought three bantams at the feed store. dont know the breed but one has very short legs making me think he is a japanese. He has trouble walking and standing. Otherwise he seems healthy. Any suggestions of what might be wrong?
  2. grnthmb

    Magnolia ,Arkansas wanted bantams

    I am looking for a few bantams either Japanese or old English if anyone has any close by. Thanks Michael
  3. grnthmb

    chick order from Ideal

    I am looking for someone to share an order from Ideal pretty soon. I am located near Magnolia, Arkansas about 10 miles from Springhill, La. If anyone close is interested please let me know.
  4. grnthmb

    my broilers are having trouble walking

    I bought some chicks from feed store and now they are eating size but are developing trouble walking. They seem healthy otherwise. Dont know what breed but are solid white and long legged. Could it be the breed? Maybe they are commercial breed and have this trait.
  5. grnthmb

    Layers in Arkansas

    wanted 6 red star hens approximately 1 Year old.
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