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  1. hollyclark04

    Rooster suddenly can’t walk

    Last night he walked healthy into the coop. This morning he is hobbling around not able to stand up. Looked closely at his feet and they look fine. It’s almost like he injured himself in the coop? We have separated him into a small pen for the day. I am not sure how to tell if it’s an injury or...
  2. hollyclark04

    Rooster not recovering from lice

    Hi there. I have a juvenile rooster who had a pretty bad infestation of lice. We treated him and the lice appear to be gone but he is having a tough time recovering. Are there any additional things we should be looking to treat that may have accompanied the lice? He was pretty skinny and weak...
  3. hollyclark04

    Injury on top back area near tail?

    Came home to a barred rock hen looking mighty beat up. We do have roosters we are trying to get rid of soon. Is this an injury that will heal on its own or something more serious?
  4. hollyclark04

    Mouth open gasp like motion - no other real symptoms other than older slow chicken

    Not sure what’s going on with our older little lady- 5 year old Rhode Island Red. She is walking around eating and drinking ok, but does a mouth open gasp like motion every minute or so. Is this gapeworm? How do I know and what should i do. I’m mad because we are leaving for a week tomorrow...
  5. hollyclark04

    Limping chicken and belly rash

    Hi everyone- I have a barred rock who I just noticed is limping on left foot. Picked her up to look for Bumblefoot, no visible scans or anything on her foot but noticed a belly rash? She is healthy otherwise, alert, active, eating. Any ideas? What should i do?
  6. hollyclark04

    Chick with chronic pasty butt

    I have a chick about five or six days old raised by a momma hen. I noticed bad pasty butt on day five-ish so brought her in, took some time but was able to remove external hardened poop and she relieved herself massively. But I noticed below her vent is really hard and yellow skin. I put her...
  7. hollyclark04

    Rooster eye swollen shut sluggish

    Hi All, I have a rooster with an eye swollen shut. I can't tell if it is injury or illness. He is still eating but I noticed recently he is slowing down. He will stand still and slowly sink his head into his body and close his one good eye. Please send suggestions! I am still fairly new to...
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