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  1. nyice

    Nyices Page

    Nyice's Page Our broody Cochin Nilla with one of her babies a grey Barred EE cross George who is 1 day oldin this pic. 4/2/10 BLRW, Black Copper Maran and Blue Maran (13 weeks old) Our Pullets Josie(Barred Rock X EE) and Daphne (EE) (6 Months old) Our Hens Wednesday...
  2. nyice

    Long Island Ny Laws On Chickens????

    I just got a summons, and was told by Code Enforcement they have to be gone by next week. All from an @#*** neighbor who has a vendetta against us from a tree issue from the beginning of the year.
  3. nyice

    Dog licking too much

    With mine, it is a behavior that he developed from puppyhood. He seems to really love his feet (we ran a battery of skin tests when he had problems with his ears, and our vet told us it is just a behavior that he does) My other two will obsessively lick each other, but that is more of a...
  4. nyice

    Yum or Yuck?

    Yum!! Especially in humus. Chicken Fried Steak?
  5. nyice

    I can't keep my humidity up during LockDown. Please Help!

    I use 3 sponges in my LG. 1 on each side and one on top (I have a fan so the bottom hole can't be used) and kept good humidity. I too use a injector and a piece of plastic tubing to add the water. This past hatch (2 days ago) I went as far as to put the bator up on blocks for better airflow...
  6. nyice

    JUNE HATCH-A-LONG come join in

    Quote: You did good! They look great. Congrats! Very nice pics. I see you're using that waffle-like no-slip shelf liner stuff on the floor of the brooder, it sure does work for good footing. We used the shelf liner for our hatch in April and it worked well. It also make for a very eay...
  7. nyice

    JUNE HATCH-A-LONG come join in

    Just hatched a mix of Marans, BLRW's, Cochins and Barred Rocks. They were shipped by a BYC member and our hatch rate was exactly 50%. Seems like that is not bad for shipped eggs. 9 out of 18 hatched.
  8. nyice

    Set eggs under broody on 5/18!!! Anyone else?

    So how did the hatch go for everyone? Ours hatched yesterday. We had 18 to start but 8 never developed enough. So that left us with 10 at lockdown. 9 of the 10 hatched yesterday with one more to go. No signs of it hatching but 9 is not bad at all. So the total is 1 BLRW, 1 Splash Cochin, 1...
  9. nyice

    What's the stupidest car damage you've ever done to your own car?

    I was in HS, on my way to see my GF (now wife) in my DADs truck, and bring her some flowers - we had just started dating. I was in a rush because I was running late to see her then get to work. I slam into a tree that is like 10 feet from the edge of my long driveway backing up. Broke the rear...
  10. nyice

    Will a broody hen raise incubated eggs with her own once hatched?

    We just did this a couple of months ago (first time our broody got to hatch, and were unsure if she would do it so we only gave her 4, she hatched 100%!) We switced out some of the chicks she hatced with some we incubated a few times over the first few days (to keep the ones we wanted and sold...
  11. nyice

    Set eggs under broody on 5/18!!! Anyone else?

    Our last hatch we let our Broody Cochin hatch out 4 of the 26 eggs we had. She was 4 for 4 and did all the work. It was great. We should have givien her more but were unsure she would sit the whole time. She did and is a great mom. We kept only 5 from our last hatch and at least two are Roo's...
  12. nyice

    Set eggs under broody on 5/18!!! Anyone else?

    Me and the Hubby set ours on 5/20. So we are just two days behind you. This is our second time hatching and we are hoping for a good turnout. This time the hubby added a fan to help circulation. We are hatching 18 total. Some Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Copper Marans, B/B/S Marans, EE's, BR's...
  13. nyice

    Spring show!Show off hens and babies!!

    Nilla with her foster chicks @ 1 week old. This is from a few weeks ago. They are 6 weeks old now. Nilla our white cochin with her foster EE and EE cross chicks.
  14. nyice

    Chicken proof rat traps ???

    Keep us posted, I have the same problem and "caught" one of our 5week old chicks across both legs (and somehow unharmed) in a rat snap-trap. I have tried the hav-a-hart trap but it has not worked so far.
  15. nyice

    When can the new chicks join the flock?

    Here is link to a post that I posted and some replies. Hope this helps.
  16. nyice

    Has anyone made a wiggler out of a plastic easter egg?

    wow, I would not have thought of using gel, but that makes sense (and I have some to spare) great idea.
  17. nyice

    Growing Up: Easter Egger

    Daphne @ 3 days Daphne @ 6 weeks Daphne @ 13 weeks Daphne on right @ 6 months with her best friend Josie who is a EE Barred Rock Cross also 6 months
  18. nyice

    Has anyone made a wiggler out of a plastic easter egg?

    I can't find a water wiggler and started to try and figure out how to make my own. I started with a zip-loc baggie, fought with it then had an "aha" moment. We have some of those plastic eggs that sandwich together, and I thought a water baloon inside it with the probe shoved inside the baloon...
  19. nyice

    Red Roof Hens make you Own Dozen lots Of Purebred to Choose From

    We received the eggs this morning, not one broken. The Copper Maran eggs are nice and dark. They all look great! Thank you!
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