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  1. Singlemaple

    I Love my incubator... Is that bad??

    So as you probably read from the title of this thread... I absolutely LOVE my incubator... I picked it up last spring from someone on craigslist for $200 .. It's a 250 egg incubator, self rotating with 3 shelves for eggs and a shelf on the bottom for the chicks.. I don't know what the brand is...
  2. Singlemaple

    Kids say the funniest things.

    So this afternoon i picked up my 3yr old niece from school and on the way home she explained to me why we have roosters and hens ( a flock of 54 laying hens with 5 roo's for breeding and then 100 meat roosters heading to freezer camp tomorrow and the next few days.. ) So according to Katie (...
  3. Singlemaple

    which one should i keep?

    I got two roosters for every breed i wanted for breeding so if for any reason one didn't make it or one was too aggressive we would have a second option. anyway i have two BCM roosters i am trying to decide which one i should keep, neither one is aggressive... which one should i keep for...
  4. Singlemaple

    Freedom rangers?

    Right now i have 97 RR roosters that i am raising for meat... ( had 100 ) the RR roosters i have right now are around 12 wks they are about 4 lbs I'm guessing, they are heading to freezer camp first weekend in December and hopefully will be a few pounds more. I have been reading about...
  5. Singlemaple

    BIrds all clogged up?

    I just put down 4 of my birds.. They have been coughing / sneezing for the last 2 weeks and the last 2 days started to have a discharge coming from the mouth / nose... do you know what could have caused that? I inspected them after i put them down they where draining lots of stuff through...
  6. Singlemaple

    hen with a cough?

    one of my br hens i hatched this year every once in awhile has a cough / sneeze... her crop feels like it is full of water with no rocks or sand in it at all.... what could be going on with her?
  7. Singlemaple

    NPIP bands fell off my roo's?

    about 2 weeks ago i noticed that my barred rock rooster's NPIP band was kind of loose so i grabbed him and adjusted the band it just kept jumping around on his leg. next day he doesn't have it on and i can't find it.. last night i was watching the birds as they're free ranging and my HQ SLW...
  8. Singlemaple

    what to get?

    I am thinking of getting a few turkeys to raise for thanksgiving dinner.. what breed would you guys suggest for my area ( southern NH) and they will live with my chickens i will need to know how much space do they need compared to chickens? please let me know.. u gave had some friends...
  9. Singlemaple

    coccidiosis in my flock?

    So just to give a visual i have 2 coops and 2 runs but there very close the runs they can see each other and if i didn't have super fine mesh over the chain link they would be able to stick there heads through and touch.... so now this past week on the 6Th i went out to take care of the baby...
  10. Singlemaple


    I have 30 laying hens currently and i think they may have started molting i have 7 NH reds, 2 barred rocks and 1 copper rock that are 15 months old and. then i have 7 NH reds, 4 barred rocks and 9 ee's that are 11 months old... Normally i get 24-27 eggs a day the last 3 days where 16,13 and...
  11. Singlemaple

    Multiple muts i want to know the gender of please help....*Picture heavy*

    So all these birds are 10 and 13 weeks. I will list the age and what i think where its parents, these are all birds i hatched. Chicken #1 .... 10 week old EE X partridge rock hen... most likely a rooster Chicken #1 Face of EEXPR 13 week old EE x PR next to Chicken #1 (10 week old EE x PR)...
  12. Singlemaple

    What is this? * Picture heavy *

    So i hatched out a hole ton of babys this year and i think this is a boy... it is from and EE roo and a partridge rock hen.. he/she is beautiful tho... if its a boy we have to get rid of him cause he is a brother to the girls so we dont want inbreeding... so here are a bunch of pictures of...
  13. Singlemaple

    adding chicks to more chicks?

    I have 8 one week old chicks ( they're my new roe's ) and i was wondering if i can add my 35 day old chicks i just got with them? the roo's are very friendly i hold them daily. would it be save to do that? I would put them in a 3 foot tall and wide dog crate that is 4 and a half feet long they...
  14. Singlemaple

    I need a broody....

    So i have 8 baby chicks hanging out in the kitchen and i have another 35 coming Friday but my mom doesn't want them in the house she wants me to get a broody well multiples to take care of these chicks.... How do i get a hen broody? I have NH's, BR's and EE's which ones do you think would be...
  15. Singlemaple

    BR rooster

    What is a good age to cull BR roosters? I have 10 that i hatched ( not bad considering i got 31 hens as well ) We want to send them too freezer camp they are 8 weeks old today.. Thanks for any information you can give, -Hanaah
  16. Singlemaple

    Nasty rooster........ no more

    I've noticed over the last few weeks that one of our 3 roosters was getting kinda mean ( we have 30+ hens so we had a rooster for every 10ish) that worked very well until a few weeks ago. So today I went out to let the chickens out and collect eggs and saw one of my hens had a completely bare...
  17. Singlemaple

    68% girls 32% boys

    Those are what i hatched successfully out of 40 i only have 13 boys.. not bad much better then 50%.... i tried out the old wives tale with the pointed eggs being male and the round/oval eggs being female... I had 15 pointed eggs in but only 13 hatched.... and i have 13 boys so i think its true.
  18. Singlemaple

    Ive got chicks!

    In my last incubation i hatched 16 out of 20 that went into lock down (3 didn't make it in the first few days) so now i have 13 three week old chicks and 18 one day old chicks that just hatched this morning plus 5 more eggs with pips in my bator! that is out of 35 eggs in lock down... So i...
  19. Singlemaple

    wondering how some genetics work?

    So i hatched out some eggs from my EE's and NH red's they where in with 2 roo's 1 EE and 1 hq slw. what i was wondering is how can i tell who the dad was what comes through to show is it there legs will be green if the roo was an ee ( i hatched 13 chicks and 9 of them have very green legs ) or...
  20. Singlemaple

    I cracked an egg....

    today is lock down and i had to move my incubator and the egg cracked.... right at the air sac but i damaged the membrane a little bit.. the chick is still moving will it still hatch or should i give up hope? please help
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