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  1. TMarie

    Can someone help me find the Tennessee thread😅

    You guys are amazing at navigating. Can I get a link to the Tennessee thread? When I search I just find individual Tennessee posts 🤔
  2. TMarie

    Bears in Chattanooga TN area?

    My family and I live in Illinois. Never lived anywhere else. We're considering moving somewhere more warm. We've started looking at the chattanooga tn area. Land is so cheap and we're hoping to have a large property with no neighbors, and our small farm. My problem is: All I can think about...
  3. TMarie

    Mixing Species

    My family and I dream of having a small farm. We still have to buy land and a ton of research to do. I imagine us with 2 of each animal so they have companions. But I love the idea of keeping them all on one large pasture. With their own houses. And large barn.We already have chickens. We...
  4. TMarie

    How many urban chickens are you allowed?

    We are allowed 6 chickens in our city which OWN so grateful for because we do live in a neighborhood. With these uncertain times and food being limited, I'd like to try to raise that limit. I will be attending the board meeting via video conference, but I'd love some tips from anyone who has...
  5. TMarie

    Possible to train dog to quit attacking chickens?

    We have a 7 month old puppy who is amazing in every way except... he chases and attacks the chickens. Have any of you successfully fixed this? I want to continue to free range them but I'd like him to be able to enjoy the backyard too. He has caught a chicken twice now and left no injuries...
  6. TMarie

    Clueless about emu but INTRIGUED

    Why don't many people have emu? Why are the eggs for eating so expensive? I assume the females lay without a male? Are they picky about how many of each gender live together? Can they co-exist with other species? Are they dangerous even if raised from babies? Is there a market for the...
  7. TMarie

    Leasing Land in Illinois

    Hello! I live in Northern Illinois and I want to buy some land with acreage and lease it. That way we can have our little farmette, but also bring in a profit. I'm not trying to make a career out of it but maybe it would help with having extra cash? I honestly know nothing about it though. I...
  8. TMarie

    Gray spot on hard boiled eggs?

    All my hard boiled eggs had this one gray spot on the yolk. What is it?
  9. TMarie

    Eglu, Repurposed Shed, or build my own?

    I haven't gotten my chickens yet but I'm trying to get their coop set up underneath my deck. I won't have any more than 6 hens. The eglu looks easy but so pricey! So I considered using our rubbermaid shed that we used to store our lawnmower in.(pic attached) That way it'd be easy to clean...
  10. TMarie

    Keeping warm in Northern Illinois

    I live in Northern Illinois (zone 5) where it can get to negative 30. Are these containers going to be sufficient? I'm really nervous they won't. They have a coop available. A couple of hens have decided to go upstairs into their coop when it's cold but the others(even though they know how) are...
  11. TMarie

    Best cheapest quail egg layer food

    My local Farm and Fleet does not have large bags of game bird food, so I've decided to buy online. What's the cheapest food for adult layers that will fit their needs? Thank you!
  12. TMarie

    Bleeding and possibly dehydrated. Need to treat

    I have 13 8wk old Cortunix quail that I've just put in their new hutch Tuesday night . My plan is to get rid of the males once I figure out who they are. About half of the 13 have been missing feathers at the neck but I thought the new, larger hutch would help. I couldn't figure out where to...
  13. TMarie

    Sexing Quail

    I have 13 quail that I hatched. They are exactly 8 weeks old today. I have not seen them crow but this morning I heard it through the window. They're silent when I'm around though. Some of them have missing neck feathers. Can I assume those are the females (from being bred?) I know to look...
  14. TMarie

    Coturnix Quail Cage

    Do Coturnix quail do well in rabbit hutches like this? I like the idea of them having more space. I considered putting wire mesh inside the coop at an incline so eggs will roll then having sand in the run. Any reasons why this is a good or bad idea? Any other suggestions? Thank you!
  15. TMarie

    What will these Coturnix quail look like

    Now that my Cortunix quail have hatched, I'm anxious to know what colors they'll be as adults! Any ideas? Thank you!
  16. TMarie

    Weak Coturnix Hatchling getting picked on

    I have 13 chicks that just hatched yesterday. They've all been eating and drinking very well. 3 of them I had to help hatch because the membrane had dried and it'd been over 30 hrs. One of them is suddenly looking weak and getting picked on. I knew the risks of helping them hatch, such as...
  17. TMarie

    Brooder heat lamp alternative and towels?

    Hello everyone! I'm very new to coturnix quail and I'd love all the help I can get! My babies are hatching, I just set up my brooder (pictured) and I immediately dislike the heat lamp. The brooder will be indoors and our house is almost always 74 degrees. So the heat lamp is heating it to 120...
  18. TMarie

    Any hatcheries sell day old female coturnix?

    I'm considering raising quail for their eggs, so I don't want any males. I'd love to hatch them myself, but I'd rather not have to find a home for the males. I'm not finding any hatcheries where they sell them already sexed. Thank you in advance!
  19. TMarie

    Chickens, worms, and paranoia

    Hey guys! I've been a member for many years but still haven't gotten my chickens yet. I finally feel like I'm ready to start my first flock of chickens. But just yesterday I learned that chicken's worms can get inside the eggs! Not to mention my fear of worm eggs being on the outside of the...
  20. TMarie

    Less than an acre chicken suggestions

    Hey guys! I'm not quite a new member, but I'm new to having chickens. I live in a suburb on a little over a half acre. The houses around me have large yards but it is definitely a subdivision, so I have to make sure my setup is considerate of the neighbors. It is legal to have up to 6 hens with...
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