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    Where to get exhibiton/show quality silkies?

    Anybody know of a good breeder? Splash and paint preferred
  2. Small Farm


    Does anybody know if any exhibition silkies in the area?
  3. Small Farm

    Wanted: Show Quality Silkies, and Tolbunt Polish

    I live in ID (83644) and will accept shipped chicks. Let me know what you have! Price, ages, colors, and shipping cost. Thank you!!! Braydon (208)477-8six5six (text only)
  4. Small Farm

    Zamzows Spring and Summer Lawn food and Crabgrass killer okay for chicks and/or chickens

    The fertilizer is all natural. I've seen dogs eat half a bag...then they needed a drink and were fine. The standards prevented is a chemical covering corn cob, after it is watered the chemical washes into the soil and is fine.
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    Bird aviary advice needed

    Galah/rose breasted cockatoos might be fun!
  6. Small Farm

    How loud are African Grey's?

    I've met a couple and the loudest they got was with sounds (trucks backing up, gunshots, alarms, etc) Although I did meet one that if you got near his cage he would growl and loudly click his tongue at you. But nothing near the scream of a sun conure or macaw!!!
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    When are ostrich chicks available?

    I didn't try seemed like a scam!
  8. Small Farm

    Macaw hand feeding formula?

    What formula do you prefer/use?
  9. Small Farm

    When are ostrich chicks available?

    California. No website, just found a phone number online...
  10. Small Farm

    When are ostrich chicks available?

    I found someone with 2 months ($250)and 1 month($150) olds and chicks ($100)available in 2 weeks. Scam or no?
  11. Small Farm

    are ostriches profitable

    Do you know the name/ location in Kuna... Or Oregon?
  12. Small Farm

    Ostrich breeders

    Where did you get them? I've been looking everywhere!
  13. Small Farm

    Raising ostriches in Alberta, Canada

    Where did you get your chicks? I want one!
  14. Small Farm

    are ostriches profitable

    Anybody know where I can get chicks?
  15. Small Farm

    Looking for ostrich chick (s) in Idaho!

    Reply or pm with what you have and shipping, thanks!!!!
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    Catalina Macaw Questions.....

    I have the opportunity to get a Catalina Macaw with 2 cages and all her toys and accessories. The lady is getting rid of her because it was her daughters and she went to college. She is 4 years old and semi tame, but not holdable(will not step up). What is a good price for her and everything...
  17. Small Farm


    Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, because I know I did with Pumpkin the silkie chicken!!!
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