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  1. Suess hens

    Broody chicken in dangerous situation

    That was the best way I can put my post. I have a chicken that went broody. We do not have a mature rooster, so I removed her little clutch and my fake egg from the box, but she continues to sit. I live in California, so I have a very open area for the chickens. I have their nesting boxes on...
  2. Suess hens

    Won't go in

    I haven't been on in a while, but thought this would be the best place to answer my question. I got 3 new babies this year (hatched with my 12th grade Humanities class). all three of them won't go inside the coop. One doesn't even live with us, he was adopted by my BIL who needed a new chicken...
  3. Suess hens

    I found a way to get to see cute fuzzy butts again

    I have volunteered to help neighbors, and one family member get their own chickens going. I get the chicks and then brood them until they are ready to live outside. I get to have cute fuzzy butts around and then don't have to worry about DH saying I have too many.
  4. Suess hens

    I hear about bad eggs smelling

    If an egg is bad, when would you smell it? I have never had this experience, that of feeling that I can smell an egg.
  5. Suess hens

    When can you start Hearing peeps

    I have heard you mention being able to hear them inside the shells. I was wondering when you might be able to hear this. Our cat was flipping out a few days ago and staring at the incubator. Just curious if she was hearing anything or just being a cat...she can't see what is in there she...
  6. Suess hens

    Just started day 18

    I am on pins and needles. I have two clean cloth diapers in there for humidity. And now I wait, and stare, and wait, and wonder if I should peek.
  7. Suess hens

    What is up with my chicken?

    Last night when I went out to do my late night pick up of eggs I had a chicken still in the nesting box. I went to put a small cup of food in there and she came jumping out at me. I figured she would be the first one in this morning since she didn't lay (I thought she was going to become my...
  8. Suess hens

    The dark egg candle question!

    I know what to look for on the white egg. And on my EE eggs I can get a general idea but nothing specific. What am I going to look for on/in my dark shelled brown eggs? Or am I just looking for fun and excitement?
  9. Suess hens

    power outage day 2

    I am stressed and not stressed. And the voltage is the issue, they are having surges and brown outs. The heat source was on but not fulll power essentially. ARG!
  10. Suess hens

    Attempted 2, this time new bator

    No foolin'!!! Eggs in tonight. I am excited.
  11. Suess hens

    thermostat question...easy to set?

    how touchy is yours? We were trying to balance our homemade without, but are now trying to get it to set up with the new thermostat. I was wondering how touchy they are.....I am trying to get it to do within a 1-1.5 degree temp range...will this be possible?
  12. Suess hens

    Is 103 too high

    We have been running our new homemade incubator for about 15 hours and it seems to maintain at 103.5. Will this be too high for the eggs? The humidity is stable at 40%. (No eggs in yet)
  13. Suess hens

    Want to give a big THANK YOU

    I just went through my first attempted hatch (failed, but I did an egg-topsy to see why--courage from many of you). I wanted to thank everyone that answered my questions and worried posts!!!! You helped me through many painful hours...and all of this was with a classroom of kids passing...
  14. Suess hens

    starting over!

    It has been a whole 24 hours, I know. But new day, new "incubator", better environment (I think). And now DH is hooked! He once was surrounded by reptiles, so we went through all of his stuff and have created our own homemade incubator. I have it heating up and sitting to stabilize everything...
  15. Suess hens

    I think we are done over here

    No pips. On day 24, and I haven't seen movement since this morning. I have been trying to hold out for something, but I think I must have done something wrong.
  16. Suess hens

    Day 23, do I hold out hope?

    I am using an old, school incubator. I know that the temps in the classroom have not been steady, I have tried, but I can't keep the heat on all night, no matter how I tried. I had movement in one egg that started lats on day 21, and continued in to day 22. But now nothing, and no pips...
  17. Suess hens

    rocking to hatch question

    at what point after you see movement might you see a pip? I'm watching over here and getting more and more antsy as I don't see a pip yet. I"m not opening, but ...ahhh...
  18. Suess hens

    Hens found a new nesting "box"

    I had become lazy and was keeping the packed shavings in the run. It was easier to have in there so I could just refill boxes or clean out when I had a sudden urge and didn't have to drag it in and out. Over the weekend, two girls saw me refilling a nesting box out of the package bag. They...
  19. Suess hens


    It is day 20. The students are getting excited, but I am worried that nothing will hatch. I am pretty sure one won't. When I candled them on Friday, one looked like it had stopped developing. I have all dark shells so it has been hard to see. Most of the others looked full, I could clearly...
  20. Suess hens

    Hatching with class--Day One

    I have my "LA Unified" incubator. It is some generic thing that has no real gauges in it at all. There is a nob to turn the heat up and that is it. I am using a good sense guestimates on humidity based upon the amount of condensation on the lower sides. It is completely see through wich is...
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