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  1. bagendhens

    Thinking outside the box, breed suggestions~Update pg 8~

    skippies (like MANY breeds) are an aquired taste... i personally think chinese crested are stunning, affenpincher are adorable and labs are boring...someone else might think labs are the most beautifl dogs in the world and cresties some ugly gremlines fomr another planet (though i will admit...
  2. bagendhens

    my future big dog...which breed (corso, am-bull, great dane)

    im definalty more and more drawn to the corso with eveyrthing i read. ive also been looking into the boerboel but they seem even harder to find a GOOD breeder of than good corsi lol, i definatly think the working mastifs are gonna be the way to go for me, i love the mastif personality, im seeing...
  3. bagendhens

    Thinking outside the box, breed suggestions~Update pg 8~

    id have to say if you like poodles but dont want such extensive grooming look into the powderpuff chinese crested, youll have to comb out and sani trim but the puffers are pretty easy upkeep even in full coat. (and even low-little shedding) typically outgoing, eager to please and incredibly...
  4. bagendhens

    Any other RAW feeders? Dogs, cats, ferrets?

    it could also be a sensitivitly to certain meat sources...if chicken and pork tend to be the hardest, if doing raw pick 1 meat and use only that protein source for at least a few weeks...if you tred chicken last time it might be worth trying turkey or rabbit this time...she may be sensitive to...
  5. bagendhens

    American Bulldog

    from my reserch ambulldogs were origionally bred to be all around farm/ranch dogs. i dont think id ever use them as a LGD because they bond so strongly with their people i think isolating them to bond with the flock would be detrimental to their mental well being, there also not exactly built...
  6. bagendhens

    sea aquarium help...anyone got one?

    sounds good...usually sudden cloudyness (with a quick clear up) is a good sign got my fingers crossed for you, its such a rewarding hobby!
  7. bagendhens

    Any other RAW feeders? Dogs, cats, ferrets?

    right now i do partial prey model... i dont have the freezer space to go full time raw right now. but once i move ill have a chest freezer and switching to prey model full time for the cats and dogs im hoping to raise my own rabbit and quail partially for this reason as well
  8. bagendhens

    Cow guts question!

    he fat on a normal cows stomach should be fine IF your dogs are already accustomed to eating a veriety of meats, tripe ect... the problem typically comes in with things like man made oils (vegatable oil) grease ect from FRIED foods, not realy the fat itself off a fresh kill/animal... remember...
  9. bagendhens

    I am so excited....I have to tell someone

    i cant wait to see pics!
  10. bagendhens

    sea aquarium help...anyone got one?

    Im assuming RO is actually water treated through a reverse osmosis filter rather than real ocean salt water... in which case i belive the op has it spot on in there salt levels got scrwede when they mixed the water change water. op, welcome to the salty world, and dont be too hard on yourself...
  11. bagendhens

    storage cube cages????

    yup those are the ones, dont use the corner clips though, not stable enough and easily chewed, go with cable ties...easily replaced if they do get chewed on and ALOT sturdier look for the ones that arnt brightly colored...ive never had a problem with chewing of the cube walls themselves unless...
  12. bagendhens

    sea aquarium help...anyone got one?

    good point holly... if your adding salt water at every water change your going to mass overdo your salt levels... top offs should be fresh water unless your salinity is low.
  13. bagendhens

    sea aquarium help...anyone got one?

    remove everything that is dead or looks to be dying... you can try to save dyeing items by putting them in a hospital tank, they may not survivie but at least in a hopsital tank they wont effect the tank paremeters and you can start trying to save the tank. if your salinity is too high add...
  14. bagendhens

    kittens arrived! *New Pics Added*

    lol our neutered male is a better hunter than our neighbors unfixed tom lol. i do think though females generally make better mousers...i mean look at lions...the males only hunt if there forced to lol.
  15. bagendhens

    please help!!bleeding bird!!!

    i knew aout the antibacterial properties but news on the blood stop properties, may have to switch
  16. bagendhens

    LGD feeding arrangements? and UPDATE: goat surprise! on pg 4

    i also wanted to add on the female gettng chased from food dishes die fo things...ive yet to meet a MATURE female dog who will take any flack form a male (intact or not) every female ive ever met, especially in working breeds has been the same...i wouldnt sa agressive, but they just dont take...
  17. bagendhens

    I have dang moths in my finch/parakeet seed

    this is one of the reasons that as soon as i get my place and am properly settled in ill be picking up a second freezer for my utility room (have a chest freezer comming wiht me) that will be specifically for the the pet food...i am switching to raw food anyway so will need it for the meat...
  18. bagendhens

    Love is Blind :( Canary advice needed *cute pic*

    as long as shes moving about, seems happy, is eating and drinking wiht no problems i wouldnt be too worried about her...she may not have lost all vision... and as long as they are not fighting i wouldnt be too worried about him either...i highly doubt birds would stock being bonded simply...
  19. bagendhens

    please help!!bleeding bird!!!

    for future cornstarch is the best, no pressure form you needed, just keep packing the stuff on untill it stops jus tlike the others said. i dna from the nail for sexing and have always used cornstartch for any bird ive had to (or accidentally) clipped a tad too short
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