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  1. CherokeeCowgirl

    Pheasant Eggs 10 plus any extras

    Auction for 10+ ringneck pheasant hatching eggs. Picked up yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  2. CherokeeCowgirl

    Cell phone & International calling question

    I have a friend that is in Seoul Korea right now. Can I call his cell phone and get through? Do I need to use codes of any kind?? Or can this even be done at all?
  3. CherokeeCowgirl

    Goat Emergency!!! ~ Happy Updates ~ PICTURES =-)

    ~I finally got a goat today. A little nanny pygmy. I got her home this evening right before dark and she jumped out of my hands and ran into the woods. She came back out and was standing by the horses but ran again when we tried to approach her. We have 10 acres and there is woods all around but...
  4. CherokeeCowgirl

    Raising Cornish Game Hens

    Where can I get some to raise to butcher?
  5. CherokeeCowgirl

    Goat milk soap wanted

    Some of you may know that I am about to purchase some goats so that I can make my own goat milk soap. I have never even used goat milk soap Anyone on here have some that I could buy and try it out? I have found recipes for goat milk soap and some call for lye and others don't. I am thinking...
  6. CherokeeCowgirl

    2 day old chick can't open eyes -- Advice Please

    2 chicks hatched out on the same day. The third chick hatched out a day later. He is up and walking around and chirping but he won't open his eyes. Both are shut and he won't hold them open. I have not seen him pecking, eating or drinking so I have been helping him with that to make sure he is...
  7. CherokeeCowgirl

    Advice on getting a goat tomorrow

    I am going tomorrow to our local livestock yard to pick out a goat. I really want to get a baby one to raise up but if they have a good doe that is a good milk maker then I will get one of those over a baby one. I am planning on making goat milk soap and goat cheese. I am wondering what...
  8. CherokeeCowgirl

    I need advice on why my incubator isn't working right.

    Hovabator 1620N and brand new. I let it run for a day to get temps up stable. I put the eggs in and now it has been a battle every since. I have to check the temps every 30 minutes. It will be at 102 and the light will be off. Then next time I look it will be 106 and I turn it down just a hair...
  9. CherokeeCowgirl

    My banty hen, her eggs... Update: CHICKS ARE HATCHING NOW

    I raised this little banty hen from an egg and I recently found her outside in a cozy little nest she made with 9 eggs. We only have large size roosters so I figured her eggs aren't fertile. I went and bought her five little 2 week old chicks and gave them to her tonight. She immediatly tucked...
  10. CherokeeCowgirl

    What goat breed would be best for cheese and goat milk soap?

    I want to start making goat cheese and goat milk soap. What would be the best breed for this?
  11. CherokeeCowgirl

    WTB in Alabama BLACK COPPER MARANS Adult Birds

    Looking to buy hens and roosters that are adult size birds. South Alabama.
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