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  1. redleif

    M I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter...ahh, nevermind....Mississippi

    We ordered our "flock" of 25 hens from Ideal Poultry last October. They shipped the day-old pullets from Texas overnight via the USPS. It was funny when someone from the post office called the next morning and said, "Uh, yeah, you have some chicks to pick up..." When my husband went to pick...
  2. redleif

    free white Plymouth rock rooster, southern Ohio

    Hi and thanks for responding. I did find a rooster about a week ago. Thanks!
  3. New Chicken Photos

    New Chicken Photos

    I took pictures of "the ladies" today. We moved the Rocks to their very own little pen with a converted doghouse - now a chicken coop. I'm proud of the remodeling job my husband and son did - the doghouse now has nests, perches, and a flip-down door on the back for easy access to the nests.
  4. redleif

    Mean White Rock Hen

    We're primarily raising our chickens for eggs and meat. When I get the Rocks in their separate pen, I'm going to introduce the rooster my neighbor has offered to give me and then we'll have some chicks too. Hopefully, the rooster will straighten out that mean Rock. But in the meantime, I'll...
  5. redleif


    I emailed Christy @ Ozark Anatolians; we're on her list for upcoming litters. She told me that this beautiful guy is going to his new home in Texas on Sunday! I'm so glad he's been adopted! Thanks anyway!
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