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  1. Bayoubrat

    Cyber Monday

    Hi again everyone! With Cyber Monday upon us, it's the perfect time to visit us at Bizzy Bee! We've still got plenty of adorable handmade chickens, pigs, and bunnies as well as a nice selection of ornaments available! We hope to see you!
  2. Bayoubrat

    Funny goose

  3. Bayoubrat

    Toy chickens

    Had to share this with everyone here! I don't have chickens currently so I started making my own. I have a whole flock of them up on my website
  4. Bayoubrat


    Hello and thanks for the add! I'm a former chicken owner who had to re-home her girls because of moving to take a job (apartments kind of frown on chickens). I was able to find them a wonderful home, thankfully, and look forward to raising chickens again!
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