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  1. RouttyChicks

    Sick chicken?

    Sick Chicken - For the past two days my Rock has been acting very lethargic. She is eating and drinking but just sits in the corner with her head down. She is normally very active (5 months old) and recently she is just very sedate. Any suggestions?
  2. RouttyChicks

    Shoudl i Leave it

    I have four hens and only one is laying. Just got my fifth egg. It was laid in the nesting box. The previous four were laid in the run and on the floor of the coop. Glad she finally figured out what the nesting boxes are for. My question is should i leave the egg in the nesting box for a few...
  3. RouttyChicks

    Crumbles or Pellets

    My chicks turn 18 weeks old next week so i stopped by TSC to get a bag of layer feed and discovered it comes in crumbles or pellets. I was unsure which to get (or if it even mattered) so i got the crumbles. What's the difference?
  4. RouttyChicks

    Dust Bath?

    I want to make an area for my four hens to dust bathe and was thinking i could use one of those tubs like you get from the hospital (you know, the one that is always on the counter in the rooms when you arrive). Am i on the right track for such a set up? What do i put in it for them to dust...
  5. RouttyChicks

    Issue with flies

    Went out this morning to clean the coop while it was cool and noticed a lot of flies. Hadn't noticed them previously but i suppose a few days straight in the 90's is to blame. What does everyone do (if anything) to help control the flies? Thanks
  6. RouttyChicks

    Outcast Chick

    Until Sunday i had three chicks (2 months old). This past Sunday i went and got a one month old Barred Plymouth Rock. Obviously she is about 1/2 the size of the three i had. To make a long story short they are not really picking on her (although they will charge at her occassionally) but what is...
  7. RouttyChicks

    Nesting box ventilation?

    I had an idea and just thought i would run it by the more experienced BYC'ers before i did it. My nesting box is protected from the elements by the roof on the chicken run. So i had this idea to cut a 6"x32" hole in the top and cover with hardware cloth. I was thinking this would serve two...
  8. RouttyChicks

    Lost my first chick

    This morning at 6am i went out to check on my four babies as i do every morning and i could see three of them outside, which is unusual i thought sense they are normally still in the coop at that time. I looked in the run and whistled, yet still only three. I looked in the coop and immediatly...
  9. RouttyChicks

    Sevin Dust

    New to this chicken thing but i got to thinking and was wondering if chickens ever get bugs/mites or any other harmful parasites. I also raise Purple Martins and as a "best practice" we sprinkle their nest with sevin dust twice a season to control mites and other parasites. As a novice i am just...
  10. RouttyChicks

    Feeding cantaloupe rinds?

    Before i did it i just wanted to check and see if it was ok to give my 6 week old chicks some diced up cantaloupe rinds? Thanks
  11. RouttyChicks

    Best Location for Food And Water

    Is there a best place to keep the food and water? Just moved my chicks outside. I have a sheltered coop with a 6x8x6 accessable outside screened in area. Should the water be outside and food in side or visa versa? Both inside or both outside? Chicks are five weeks old and i do have a heat lamp...
  12. RouttyChicks

    Trade Publications

    As a newcomer to this hobby i was wondering if anyone subscribes to any publications they find particularly useful and educational in regards to raising backyard chickens?
  13. RouttyChicks

    What feed should i use?

    Got 6 baby chicks from TSC on Saturday and a bag of Chick Starter food. Everyone seems healthy and active. How long should i keep then on the starter food? Can i supplement it now with anything else? Apple/potato peels etc - or is it to soon to supplement the chick food? Is there any foods i...
  14. RouttyChicks

    So Bummed Out

    Well two years ago i moved to the county of Isle Of Wight Va. Moving from the city and my neighbors having chickens i naturally assumed i could also. So here i go building a Witicha coop and 1/2 way thru i decide to run to Tractor Supply just to look around and educate myself on feed and other...
  15. RouttyChicks

    Two Questions

    I belong to many forums but for some reason i am unable to figure something out on this one. 1. How to i change the settings so that when i open a thread the most recent post is on top. 2. How do i add a signature to my post? Thank you.
  16. RouttyChicks

    Chicken Behavior?

    I am new to this and don't even have the coop built or chicks yet. I do have a concern that when i do will they destroy my nicely landscaped back yard? I know i don't ever have to let them out of the pen but i would occassionally like to let them roam the yard when we are home. I would feel...
  17. RouttyChicks

    Hello From Carrollton Va.

    I recently moved to the county and for a long time have wanted BYC's. I am still in the research/study phase and will begin building the coop this winter and get chicks in the fall. Figured i'd start with two RIR's or Plymouth Rocks. My one main concern is that my backyard is well landscaped and...
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