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  1. NanaJune

    Help with sick chickens

    Quote: They should have a separate place to roost from where they lay their eggs. Where they lay their eggs is a nesting box. They should have a branch or a board or a pole to "roost" on. When they roost in their nesting boxes, you get very messy eggs . Anyway, their being broody is a...
  2. NanaJune

    Help with sick chickens

    Quote: Are they on their roosts or are they in their nesting boxes? If they are in their nesting boxes, then they are probably broody (they want to hatch chicks). If they are broody, they will not leave their boxes, they will rarely leave to eat or drink, and they will stop laying eggs. If...
  3. NanaJune

    NPIP folks, Pullorum, Salmonella

    Typhoid Pollorum and Salmonella are the same thing. It is carried in the blood and in the eggs/eggshell. It is transmittable through the eggs/eggshell. Therefore, it is passed to the chicks the same way. If you are really worried about it, you can go online and get a kit to test for it (Cutler...
  4. NanaJune

    Coccidia Outbreak

    Quote: Thanks so much! That last picture of the intestinal lining is exactly what it looked like. I've never noticed that in any of my chickens before, but most are free range during the day, so I don't always see their poo! I will use the Wazine this week. I've never wormed with anything...
  5. NanaJune

    Coccidia Outbreak

    Quote: Hopefully what you saw was intestinal lining that sometimes has blood in it and is occasionally excreted and is normal. Take a look at the poop chart and you'll see a couple of examples: Sounds like you're dealing with large...
  6. NanaJune

    Rabid Raccoon - buried it today

    Quote: The Rabies virus dies outside the host. We had a rabid skunk get in our chicken coop and chase and bite several of our chickens. I FREAKED OUT! My husband got the gun and shot it INSIDE my hen house. I then FREAKED OUT again! I was thinking of all of the Rabies germs in the blood that...
  7. NanaJune

    Coccidia Outbreak

    Well, I have a question about Cocci, too. I have a flock of Light Sussex that are a year old. None of them appear sick, and they live in a covered pen. But I let them outside to roam and free range in the backyard. Today, I noticed bloody poo on one of the roost poles beside the nesting boxes...
  8. NanaJune

    What's the difference between blue and lavender?

    Okay, I'm jumping in here with my question. I am so totally confused by reading all of this - I can't keep it straight in my brain! If you hatch "Lavender Split" eggs, what does that mean? I have Blue, Black, and Splash Ameraucanas. I wanted some Lavenders. So, I bought some "Lavender Split"...
  9. NanaJune

    Males Added for Warmth - Yikes!!!!!

    Quote: There must be an overpopulation of Rhode Island Red Males at every hatchery! That's my guess; that's what Ideal put in my order - with Guineas, no less!
  10. NanaJune

    Males Added for Warmth - Yikes!!!!!

    Quote: Ummmm. Hate to disappoint you. But from Ideal I got 8 RIR roos for fillers!
  11. NanaJune

    Can anyone tell me about Golden Sex Links?

    I raise Gold Sex Links, and they are WONDERFUL! They are very gentle natured, very people friendly, and prolific layers. I noticed on the link above that it says they go broody "seldom," and I have to disagree. My hens go broody frequently, and I have to make them give up their eggs against...
  12. NanaJune

    Chick with cross beak *pics*

    Quote: I haven't read this yet - will in a minute. I've gotten two cross-beaked chicks from Ideal this Spring. One was a white Americauna pullet and one was a Gold Sex LInk. They were even from different hatch dates. I am just wondering what causes this in the first place. I've bought from...
  13. NanaJune

    Sway head back and forth, rolling eyes, off balance

    I had a hen with similar symptoms last year. She was about 3. She went completely blind the 3rd day. She would get up and around, find the water & drink, and I would pour feed at her feet so she could feel it, and she would eat. Eventually, though, we had to put her down. Then, a week later...
  14. NanaJune

    4 Week Old with Weird Symptoms - Don't think it's Cocci or Marek's

    Can the bloody poo turn black & tarry looking? Also, would Cocci affect the chicks leg and make it swell or turn red? We had Cocci a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't see anything like that. Also, the Barnevelders are not responding to Sulmet at all. It's been in their water since Saturday...
  15. NanaJune

    4 Week Old with Weird Symptoms - Don't think it's Cocci or Marek's

    I posted this under What are Symptom's for Mareks. However, after reading the Mareks info, it supposedly only affects 6 week olds & up. These chicks are all 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old. The BCM's appear fine - only the Barnevelders are sick. See below: I bought 40 Barnevelders & 20 Black Copper...
  16. NanaJune

    What are Symptoms for Mareks

    Oh, the affected chicks are on wire bottom cages & have been since I got them a week ago Saturday. They are about 3-1/2 weeks to 4 weeks old. The other group is 2-1/2 weeks old, and they do not appear sick at all. The seller had them in separate boxes because of the age difference. I think...
  17. NanaJune

    What are Symptoms for Mareks

    I bought 40 Barnevelders & 20 Black Copper Marans recently in two age groups. I have 8 wire & wood brooder/grow-out pens in my barn. I have chicks of various breeds in all cages. I separated out these new ones into two cages by age. The older ones started getting sick on Saturday. I saw...
  18. NanaJune

    Sick Buff Pullet - 7 weeks old

    A friend bought 4 pullets that are 7 weeks old now, and one of the buffs is acting different. LuLu has always been the first to do everything. She likes to perch as high as possible and has always been generally healthy. Today she went to feed them, and LuLu was sitting all puffed up. She...
  19. NanaJune

    HELP... 24 hours since PIP and no progress....

    I ALWAYS help! I saved 4 out of 5 yesterday of my Black & Blue Marans. I have saved more than I have lost of chickens and quail. I don't know why people say don't help. I figure if you DON'T help, you're definitely going to lose them. Good Luck!
  20. NanaJune

    One of my hens is missing almost all feathers on her back

    If you notice the lack of feathers and baldness on the back of her head, that is from a roo, usually. Also, the saddle area missing feathers is typically a roo. However, once the bareness starts, of course all the other hens pluck at the redness, too. A friend of mine who has raised chickens...
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