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  1. Chiqitas coop

    Chiqitas coop

    Describe 'Chiqitas coop' here This is who lives here! Celery, cranberries and pumpkins, our Royal palm Turkeys last years Silkie and Showgirl chicks Louie 2, My FCBM Marans roo, and his Aunt, these to are Pure Cottage Hill Lines. Louie 2 is no longer with us, his son Louie 3 and Hugh...
  2. chiqita

    Comment by 'chiqita' in article '4th Annual BYC NYD Hatch-along Contests'

    Yes its a big consolation prize. Post your pictures on the main thread. We will be keeping an eye on them there. If you have any other questions fuzzy given me a pm yell. Excited people are checking this all out!
  3. chiqita

    Comment by 'chiqita' in article 'GFF's Swap Page'

    I got my soaps, they are awesome ty so much!
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