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  1. samana

    are any of these breeds flighty?...delaware, wyandotte, rhode island red, welsummer??

    Just a quick question any of your experience, are any of these breeds flighty? Any more flighty than the other? I want to avoid flighty or especially adventurous breeds...otherwise my neighbors dog (6 ft fence) will have a nice meal! :/ delaware wyandotte rhode island red welsummer
  2. samana

    what are your favorite layers sans flighty/broody?

    In past experience my ameraucanas were bottom ranked and flighty.. and my australorps broody. I want to avoid flighty (my neighbors dogs will be only too happy if I get a flighty breed) And I do not want to deal with broody hens. I am intrigued by some breeds I haven't tried yet, what do...
  3. samana

    Ameraucana Rooster - approx 1 yr in age. Beautiful and healthy.

    Location: West MI This little guy showed up at our doorstep literally one day last fall and decided to join our flock (he goes by 'Romeo' accordingly). He has been a great rooster, very healthy, and has a perfectly beautiful crow! He is gorgeous - Ameraucana's just seem to have more lush...
  4. samana

    Wyandotte Rooster 2.5 yrs old - sweet rooster in need of TLC, proven great rooster for our hens

    Location: West MI We are moving and have 2 roosters we need to relocate to new homes (both gorgeous - a Golden Laced Wyandotte and an Ameraucana with very similar coloring). Our Wyandotte ('Wally') injured his leg, and while he was healing the other rooster decided to join the flock (a very...
  5. samana

    Stunning & Large - Golden Laced Wyandotte Rooster 1.5 yrs old, proven, good rooster

    Please help us find him a new home. :) Near Allegan, MI. Goes by 'Wally'. Everyone always comments how he's a big boy and gorgeous. Great rooster - been raised by people, good around dogs, good around us. Free ranged every day all day, with lots of healthy goodies. Warns his hens about hawks...
  6. samana

    curious - rooster only makes very muffled quiet sounds

    I am not worried, just curious - is this normal for an 11 week old rooster? His 'cheeping' turned to a muffled laryngitis type barely audible sound around 4 weeks and has been that way ever since. I can now here him clucking and he'll talk to me quite a bit, but it sounds incredibly muffled...
  7. samana

    DE - did I use too much?? Worried their lungs will be irritated..

    After reading so many great things about DE I bought some food grade (fossil flour) and spread it in my coop today while the chickens were out. I'm really worried I did too much or didn't do it right - there weren't many guidelines or posts I could find on how much to do or how often. The air...
  8. samana

    making the ramp - wood frame with open hardware cloth center?

    I've been reading all the great threads here on ramps and the innovative designs such as the astroturf one, laying down hardware cloth on top of a board, chicken steps, chicken ramps with some grips every 4" or so etc... I had an idea today I'd like to run by the more experienced here and get...
  9. samana

    Flying height of standard breeds - choosing fencing height

    Right now I have fencing that is about 3 feet high wire around my yard. I have heard chickens aren't so great at flying especially when they're bigger. Two questions - 1) how high can they fly if they want to? And, 2) will this fence be fairly sufficient? Or are they more adventurous than I'm...
  10. samana

    Venting - is it really 1 sq ft of vent per chicken???

    Starting to prepare a shed I have into a coop. It is an attachment to a larger shed, therefore the back wall of it can't be vented (where it's against the other building). That is the south side. So I can vent the north, east or west sides. I came across this today: "if summer heat is not a...
  11. samana

    confused on when to give grit and first scraps

    I opened my manna pro chick grit bag and the size of it is huge! It also says wait until 2 weeks. BUT..everyone here says you can give scraps at 3-5 days old, and now another have to provide grit a day or so ahead of time before giving scraps. Am I missing something haha? So how...
  12. samana

    apple cider vinegar everyday?

    I've read so many good things about acv. We just brought home our baby chicks yesterday:) And now we are adding in 1/2 tsp per pint of acv to their waterer. My question/concern is - do they need plain ol water once in awhile? It seems a bit unnatural for them to be hydrating with vinegar water...
  13. samana

    where to buy diatomaceous earth (DE) locally? (in MI)

    I'm hoping I'll get lucky here and someone in west michigan has found a place that sells food grade DE? I'd love to get some. If not, anyone know if Tractor Supply Co or Family Farm and Home will order it in for you? I have no idea where to get this stuff, besides online sites I've found...
  14. samana

    how soon to add vinegar to chick water? and scraps to diet?

    I cant find much on this. When can I add vinegar to chick water (to help with disease etc), right away? a few days old? Also can't find much on when it's appropriate to begin feeding scraps. Is there a certain period of time they should just be on their crumbles and nothing else? I have tons...
  15. samana

    kefir or kombucha for baby chicks??

    Has anyone here tried feeding baby chicks milk kefir, water kefir or kombucha (the homemade kind)? And how early/how much can be given? I'm having trouble finding much info on this, even on these forums etc. It may be a little crazy to avoid medicated chick feed since this is my first time...
  16. samana

    Hi from a new to be chicken owner in West Michigan

    All my 'googling' inevitably lands me here, and in all my mentioning of getting chickens people keep referring me here too - so it's time I join! We are now only 1 week away from going to pick up our new little guys at the hatchery and it's really becoming a reality (both exciting and very...
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