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  1. City Gardener

    Starting a Self-Sustaining Flock

    wow, thank you so much for all your replies! Wow, BriteDay, that is a reall efficient operation you've got going. It sounds amazing! By self-sustaining I meant that the flock would replenish itself... but I also do want a flock that provides meat and eggs for my family, so I have appreciated...
  2. City Gardener

    Starting a Self-Sustaining Flock

    Hi there, I love my 8 chickens, but as we've just made the move from Brooklyn, NY out to the country, we are eager to expand our flock. I have a big order in at My Pet Chicken, but my son, my husband and I have all been talking about starting a self-sustaining flock of a dedicated breed and...
  3. City Gardener

    New silkie - how should I add her to my flock?

    We just introduced a silkie into our flock of 4 buff brahmas and 1 EE. They're all bantams. But our original flock can be nasty -- they've pecked head feathers off of each other, so we were worried. They could see each other during the quarantine, and then today my kids removed the storm...
  4. City Gardener

    Nesting Boxes: Community or Individual?

    We had three hens crowded into ONE next box today (with four other boxes available, but never used). They were fussing and fighting with each other over it, too, so it wasn't as cute as it might have been.
  5. City Gardener

    order from my pet chicken

    All five of my chicks from MPC were correctly sexed --- BUT we got a misfit breed. We'd ordered five bantam buff brahmas, and requested no subs. Later I recanted on the no-subs and emailed them to switch, but they said it was too late. Still we ended up with one bantam EE. SO GLAD we did! She...
  6. City Gardener

    Weekend coop building extravaganza

    looks amazing! I hope you post more pictures as you go along.
  7. City Gardener

    To roof or not to roof the run?

    I love our roofed run. It was great with the snow, and when it rains, it's nice for the chickens to be able to still have some room. I think it also cuts down on the smell. A friend has an unroofed run, and in the rainy season, it gets pretty bad.
  8. City Gardener

    Log Chicken Cabin

    very sweet! Looks like a great life for all of you!
  9. City Gardener

    rooster stay or rooster go??

    what is flogging?
  10. City Gardener

    Coping Strategies for NOISY suburban hens

    I would check in with your neighbors. It could be like when you have a newborn baby -- my neighbors just apologized to me in case their 3week old was bothering us. I was like, 3 -week-old babies do not make the kind of noise that keeps me up at night. But when it's your own baby it sounds louder...
  11. City Gardener

    Corn cob bottom or shaving bottom?

    We used shavings, but all of our chicks ate them constantly. I've read since then that you can put burlap over the shavings, which I will try next time.
  12. City Gardener

    How long after 'breaking broody' til they lay again?

    We have a bantam EE, too, and she went broody LAST NOVEMBER. She still has not started laying again! I realize the winter got in the way, but we are waiting and waiting for her to start again. I hope you don't have to wait that long!
  13. City Gardener

    Getting Chickens Once Again!

    Our EE is the friendliest we have. (Our others are Buff Brahmas, which are supposed to be friendly, but ours aren't so much.)
  14. City Gardener

    AAAH! We had our first hawk!

    thank you! They are bantam buff brahmas from My Pet Chicken. Great hens, and laid eggs all winter long! Just this weekend we built a longer run for them so they have plenty of room now without being vulnerable to hawks.
  15. City Gardener

    Someone rescued a slaughterhouse silkie! Now what?

    Thanks everyone! We are taking her inside at night and keeping her in a cage inside, since the pen we have her in outside is not raccoon-proof. Never thought I'd have a house chicken!
  16. City Gardener

    AAAH! We had our first hawk!

    We had a hawk attack on MLK Day. We were alerted to it because two of our hens came to our backdoor frantically clucking to be let in. When I tried to shoo them away, they wouldn't stop trying to run inside the door, and I finally -duh! - realized something was going on. Luckily I was home with...
  17. City Gardener

    Want to raise chickens but have heard they are "very messy and stinky"

    When I first was going to get chickens, I was really worried about the smell and the noise. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and don't get along with neighbors on one side, so this was really important. I asked a chicken-keeping friend how often she cleaned out the coop. She is one of those incredibly...
  18. City Gardener

    Are these mites?

    Wow. I did see our boss-hen harshing out on one of the baldy hens. No roos. Shoot, that's not as solveable as mites!
  19. City Gardener

    Are these mites?

    Three of our five hens have no feathers around their heads. The other two are completely fine. The afflicted ones are fine on the rest of their bodies. I don't see any mites. And.. here's the hard part: I've treated them with DE many times, and twice with Ivomec. Nothing gets better. Any...
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