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  1. Bengalcats1

    Don't get me wrong, I Love my silkies BUT

    My silkies are by far my favorite chickens, but I'm not gonna lie, I think they are Slow.....every night I have to put them in their coop cause they apparently have no idea how to go in themselves.....will they ever learn?! The ramp is very short, 2 feet at the most and not much of an incline, I...
  2. Bengalcats1

    HUGE Hawk hanging around past few days, Help

    Any ideas what I can do to my run to protect my chickens? The run is Way to big to net it, I tried that and it just doesn't work. It is all fenced but nothing on top, I know that is just asking for trouble but I wanted them to have tons of room to roam. Someone said to string clothesline all...
  3. Bengalcats1

    Any Help on getting rid of snakes??? UGH

    Does anyone have any ideas what deters snakes? I have so many on my property they are freaking me out and Im worried about my chicks....they Love it here
  4. Bengalcats1

    OMG the Dust !!!!!!!!!!

    Ive had chicks before and Ive Never had this much dust, its crazy. I am convinced silkies are more dusty than other chickens to, I have silkie babies and they are still inside and the more feathers they get the more dusty in becomes.....their house is not ready yet UGH
  5. Bengalcats1

    I happen to think Silkies are the Sweetest

    Today I put my tiny little full grown silkie in with a group of baby silkies, they are getting bigger now and Ive been waiting to do this. I watched to be sure there would be no issues and the babies looked at her and she looked at them and if they could talk they'd have said HI ! Who are you...
  6. Bengalcats1

    WHY are the cute ones ALWAYS boys?????

    I was looking at my bantam cochin baby and he is ALL boy .....he has the most feathers on his feet Ive ever seen, BUSHY and he is a boy.....
  7. Bengalcats1

    WHY do I let my girls hatch babies every year ??? Ugh

    This is when the panic sets in, I have 5 girls with babies and one still sitting, every year I say No way am I letting them have babies because half or more will be boys that I then have to find homes for. It's raining nonstop here and I worry that they will take them out and they will get...
  8. Bengalcats1

    Teany tiny baby not growing and icky eyes

    This chick is eating and is in a cage with mama who wants to sit on it All the time, it's her first time being a mama...anyway the baby is as teany as can be and not growing but getting feathers. She/he eats but has kind of matted eyes, they get crusty and kind of hard to get that off. What can...
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