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  1. bigchickenman

    Golden Duckwing OEGB Rooster

    I am looking for a Golden Duckwing OEGB rooster for sale around southwest Ohio.I have a pair of BB Reds that I will trade or will buy straight out.Please let me know,Thanks for looking
  2. bigchickenman

    White Rocks

    I have raised them from a local hatchery and they were great dual birds.They dress out very nicely.Hope this helps
  3. bigchickenman

    BB red hens

    I have two BB red roosters that belong to my daughter and she is looking for four hens to go with them.If anyone near Dayton, Ohio has any please let me know.Thank you and enjoy your day.
  4. bigchickenman

    Dislocated leg

    Yes that is what is happening to him.Thank you for the information.
  5. bigchickenman

    Dislocated leg

    I have a nine week old bb white tom that when I went out to feed yesterday seems to have hurt his leg.When he walks his right foot turns backwards like it is dislocated at the knee.I felt both knees and they feel the same.Has anyone else experienced this before and what can I do if anything to...
  6. bigchickenman

    Where is Steve of SandsPoultry?

    It's GREAT to see your back Steve.Enjoy your day.
  7. bigchickenman

    hello from across the pond

    Welcome to BYC from Ohio:
  8. bigchickenman

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to BYC from Ohio.
  9. bigchickenman

    New at chickens in Ohio.

    Hi fellow BYC member from here in Ohio.WELCOME!
  10. bigchickenman

    WTB red OEGB hen in Ohio

    I am looking for a red OEGB hen or two for my friends little girl.She has a red OEGB rooster that is a year old and is wanting him a girlfriend or two.So if anyone has these close to Dayton, Ohio please let me know.Thanks
  11. bigchickenman

    sex links

    If I breed my White Rock rooster to my Rhode Island red Girls will they be sex links.Thanks
  12. bigchickenman

    Heritage Bronze??????

    here are mine for ya !
  13. bigchickenman

    RIR Show!

    Here are a couple for ya!The one in the background.
  14. bigchickenman

    Can I see your turkey pics?

    We all love our turkeys
  15. bigchickenman

    What gender are these EE's

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how many roosters and how many pullets that I have.They were hatched on Nov. 4 ,2009 so they are 11 weeks old.Thanks everyone.
  16. bigchickenman

    auracana,ameracana,or easter egger

    I was told this was a americana(sorry for the spelling).I know it's a hen and she lays a pretty blue egg.Just wondering what breed.Thanks
  17. bigchickenman

    Indonesian Quail Eggs

    Sorry everybody someone from craigslist picked them up last night but she lays everyday most times so I will have more in about a week.I will still post picks today sometime,didn't yesterday because of death of aunt in family.Sorry but I will get them on here today.Thanks everyone.
  18. bigchickenman

    Indonesian Quail Eggs

    I will post pictures this afternoon,so everyone can see them.Thanks
  19. bigchickenman

    Indonesian Quail Eggs

    I have 12 + Indonesian Quail eggs for hatching.Can ship if you want to pm me your zip code to figure up shipping cost.Thanks
  20. bigchickenman

    What breed are my new girls?

    My guess is Easter Eggers,I have some that look just like those.
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