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  1. debilorrah

    My hatch

    My post when I started the hatch is long gone and I have yet to figure out the search feature here. My 14 shipped eggs went into lockdown Saturday evening. I woke up to one chick this morning, came home to one more, and there are 7 more pipped - THAT I CAN SEE!!!! I would say that is pretty...
  2. debilorrah

    First time in a LONG time I setting eggs in the morning.

    Those of you who have been around for a while, I used to be debiraymond. I got married. I haven't hatched in a very long time, and I am just praying that my turner still works and is not clogged with dust!!! 21 buff orpington eggs going in in the morning!
  3. debilorrah

    I used to post in here A LOT!!!

    I was Debi Raymond. I got married on Christmas eve, and our story is in the family section. I really miss being silly and having fun here, and I think I am ready to just NOT wallow in self pity every now and then and get back to it. Some of you have been really supportive, and I am now ready...
  4. debilorrah

    I need my name changed please.

    I was FINALLY married to the love of my life yesterday and I am no longer debiraymond, but debilorrah. Could one of you fine people make that change for me please?
  5. debilorrah

    Prayers for a member please

    Epona 142, lost her house to a fire tonight. Lost several possessions and some pets. Please lift her up in prayer.
  6. debilorrah

    Oh Look I got a new badge.

    Seems longer to me than 4 years. I feel like I have know you people forever!!!!
  7. debilorrah

    Who can resist a Chuck Norris chuckle? Just do it.
  8. debilorrah

    Wedding shower for an old woman.

    My best friend is throwing a wedding shower for me, I would like it to be co-ed so the guys have a chance to get to know each other better. However, googling themes is bringing up stuff that I personally find hokey or too expensive for my friend to manage. I am 50 years old, I do not want a...
  9. debilorrah

    Ok Redhen, no spiders

  10. debilorrah

    Oh Redhen!

  11. debilorrah

    So, my co-worker sent me a pic with a ?

    Title of the email was "Strange looking bird". The text said "I saw this outside my house last night and assumed it was a duck because of it's feet, and I figured you could tell me what this strange creature is." Yeah. It's a Muscovy, drake. I told him it is not strange, but obviously...
  12. debilorrah

    Fun with Words

    Go to and type in the word "askew".
  13. debilorrah

    Oh the insanity!!!!

    We went to Big Bear Lake today and there in the water close to the docks was a female mandarin duck. Try as I may, the thing would just not come to me. I have wanted Mandarins for as long as I can remember. And there was one just floating there in the lake.
  14. debilorrah

    The Roswell Chicken Man

    Because I am horribly inept at searching for topics in this new forum, I am starting a new thread. This article pretty much sums up what Andrew went through before he killed himself. Honestly, put in his shoes, I am not sure WHAT I would do. When the option to run is simply taken away what...
  15. debilorrah


    By Carlos Santana. This started on FB and I thought I would get everyone's opinion here. Check these out! I swear no one else does color with shoes like Santana.
  16. debilorrah

    Chicken sitter in Los Angeles Now us people in SoCal know who to call!!!! Cute video.
  17. debilorrah

    I just want to say HI!!!!

    I have been away for a bit, not posting much - life kind of bit us in the butt. One other thing kept me away, but that got straightened out. I really kinda miss just yacking here with other chicken people. We had started getting rid of most of the chickens because they are old and have...
  18. debilorrah

    What OCD things do you do?

    I am having a conversation with friends and we all suddenly realized that we are SOOO STRANGE! Smarties have to be eaten in groups of 2 or 4 starting with the white ones. Skittles have to be eaten two at a time, only one color in your mouth at once. Soft serve ice cream has to be eaten in a...
  19. debilorrah

    May I just complain for a moment?

    And complain LOUDLY!!!! My allergies are acting up like there is no tomorrow and it is driving me BATTY!!!! I sneeze, I blow, I wipe, I sneeze again. I have no clue if I am getting a cold or this is too much pollen in the air. Quite frankly, I do not have time for this business. GO!!!
  20. debilorrah

    Nostalgic TV shows.

    We recently changed from DirecTV to Verizon FiOS, and now we have channels that play really old shows that I grew up with. Anyone remember: Columbo McMillan and Wife McCloud Gunsmoke Bewitched Beverly Hillbillies Dick Van Dyke Show Barney Miller The Honeymooners We are having a BLAST!!!!!
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