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  1. luvmysilkies

    WTB- Nigerian dwarf Buck - NH

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a breeding age Nigerian Dwarf Buck less than 2 yr.s old. Does not need to be registered. We want to breed our does for pets/4-H project. CAE tested is a plus. Thanks.
  2. luvmysilkies

    WTB-automatic egg turner

    Hi. I'm looking for an automatic egg turner for a Hovabator/ Genesis tabletop incubator. Thanks.
  3. luvmysilkies

    WTB - Muscovy and Call duck eggs

    Hi. Any one have any call duck or muscovy eggs for sale? Thanks.
  4. luvmysilkies

    WTB-Buckeye eggs

    Anyone have some Buckeyes out there?
  5. luvmysilkies

    WTB- Buckeye eggs NH

    Hi. I am looking for 6-12 Buckeye eggs. Thanks.
  6. luvmysilkies

    FS-Black/mottled bantam cochin pair - Central NH

    1 sweet, little lightly mottled black bantam cochin pair. Great foot feathering - $10.00 1 extra roo- make me an offer. No shipping. Thanks.
  7. luvmysilkies

    FS- 2 (light)splash PQ silkie roos - Central NH (don't look Wendy)

    I have 2 Aug. '08 light splash PQ Silkie roos. Handsome boys need a good home for breeding/pets. Make me an offer. No shipping. Thanks.
  8. luvmysilkies

    FS-Black/mottled bantam cochin pairs - NH

    Hi. I have 2 pair of 9wk. old blk/mottled cochins. $15.00 pr. , $25.00 for both pr. Very docile,good feet feathering. Will start laying early June. Any one interested in my extra roos - make me an offer. Thanks. Jen
  9. luvmysilkies

    FS- 2 (light)splash PQ silkie roos - NH

    Hi. These are some sweet boys. They need a home where they won't be picked on so much. Not for meat! $5.00. Thanks. Jen:)
  10. luvmysilkies

    FS- 2 splash PQ silkie roos - NH

    Hi. Some really handsome year old splash silkies need a good home. Top knots not bad. With the right hen they could throw some beautiful babies. Fun pets! Not for meat. Make me an offer. Thanks.
  11. luvmysilkies

    WTB- standard or bantam Polish or Sultan chicks- NH

    My daughter would like to raise some Polish or Sultan chickens to show in 4-H. She currently shows Silkies and has done pretty well (what can I say she/we have a thing for top hats). If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Thanks. Jen:)
  12. luvmysilkies

    Looking for standard or bantam polish chicks-NH

    Does any one have Polish standard or bantam chicks or know where I might get 10 or less. My daughter would like to raise some to show in 4-H. Thanks. Jen - NH
  13. luvmysilkies

    Should not be the nature of the game!

    I have always purchased my birds locally and will continue to do so. If 52+ dead chicks is "the nature of the game"(when ordering from large hatcheries ), then I am certainly not playing because that is unacceptable in my world.
  14. luvmysilkies

    I ,too have concerns about supporting some of the large hatcheries.

    A friend of mine in NH ordered 26 chicks from Murray McMurray and was informed that they would be sent out on Sat. 2/14. She tried to contact M. M. to remind them that Mon 2/16, Presidents day, was a federal holiday and P.O.s would be closed, to no avail. The chicks were sent, all were DOA. When...
  15. luvmysilkies

    New to BackYardChickens - Hi!

    Hi. I have visited BackYardChickens quite a bit in the last year and have learned much from many. I recently met a very nice woman who introduced herself as being from BackYardChickens at the Milford, NH chicken swap (wish I could remember your name, sorry!). She studied my birds quite a bit and...
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