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  1. SANDMAN84

    Which breed are they?

    I have a couple of pullers I can’t identify. I bought these birds from a hatchery in a Brown Egg Layer Assortment. I am pretty sure what most of them are but there is two I can’t figure out. I’ll post some pictures and tell you what I think they are. These birds are almost 4 months old. The...
  2. SANDMAN84

    Almost a year in the making coop!

    Last winter, after lots of research, I began building my coop. I knew that I wanted a farmhouse style coop but never could find exactly what I wanted online. No plans or even pictures. I definitely wanted it to look old timey bc I am an old fashioned guy. I would buy some material on pay day...
  3. SANDMAN84

    New guy here

    Hey guys! I’ve been reading from this site for a long time. I finally got some chickens and built my coop and now here I am! I have so many questions and this is the best place I’ve found to answer them. It took me about 9 months to build my coop. I would only build what I could afford for the...
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