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  1. chickenshadow

    Specklehen's Splash Orp Tried to Eat My Kid

    She is 7 months old and STILL GROWING! This was her at 2 months:
  2. chickenshadow

    Henrietta23, TiffanyH, & Perfectly_Polish are wild gals

    I met a few BYC people at a show in CT today. They were like contestants on Supermarket Sweep. They had big bags and were throwing chickens in the bags. By 11 AM there was nothing left at the show but feathers and pine shavings. I just stayed out of there way. I am missing a Blue Orp...
  3. chickenshadow

    New batch of eggs from OKCarla and Mothergoose

    Our latest hatch. Wellsummers from Mothergoose and an obsene amount of Spithaubens and Brabanters from OKCarla (White eggs). BUY EGGS FROM THESE LADIES!!! THEY ARE WONDERFUL TO DEAL WITH!!! Fluff'n'Stuff, SpeckledHen, HinkJC, and corancher are awesome too. I have never been unhappy with eggs...
  4. chickenshadow

    Hey Seminole

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