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  1. NoFlyBackFarm

    The New Normals RP!

    Chat Thread Rules and stuff is above. So anyone from the old RP post here! @9SpiceyChickens I can take this down if you want.
  2. NoFlyBackFarm

    The "What if I" Game

    The "What if I" game! Game play- Someone posts a "What if I" EX: What if I stole a rooster? The person posting after them rates how angry they would be on a scale of one to ten. EX: 10 Rules- -Posts have to be appropriate. -Posts cannot under any circumstance use a curse word. -Keep it...
  3. NoFlyBackFarm

    If I Lived Chat Thread

    Chat here for the "If I lived RP" @puffypoo @Table4Six @OldEnglishGameBantam33 @9SpiceyChickens Make new cats here please
  4. NoFlyBackFarm


    Okay so, this is my problem- This week our Mini Rex, Cocoa, died. She had been strong and healthy at her last check. Very suddenly she lost weight. I upped her food intake a bit to see if that would help. When night I went out to feed and she was standing on her hind legs, her head was aiming...
  5. NoFlyBackFarm

    A Random Thread for Random Things that are Random!

    Soooo... Post anything really. It has to follow the rules and be appropriate. And a mini caption contest! Copy the pic into your post please. Caption this lol!
  6. NoFlyBackFarm

    Chicken Story and Photo Contest!

    Okay, so I have some chicken stories and thought this would be fun. I know there is a similar official contest, I just like the stories. Please don't spam that I stole the concept. Rules- 3 stories per person 1 picture per story Can be from anytime Winner is not guaranteed a prize Judging I...
  7. NoFlyBackFarm

    If I lived *Warrior Cats Roleplay*

    I joined the bandwagon!!! This is the story of a kitten who died and watched the clan go on without her. She joined the Dark Forest and took vengeance on the cats who couldn't save her. She always wondered, 'if I lived.....' Follow the RP rules! Don't curse! Don't kill others without...
  8. NoFlyBackFarm

    The Best Way to Hatch Chicks

    I've used many methods. I've always wanted to know the best. Mine span anywhere from, my very first time, using a heat lamp and thermometer to broody hens (current). The better hatch rate is usually my broodies, but maybe there is something else I don't know about. I also want to know a good...
  9. NoFlyBackFarm

    Please Help Me!!!!!!

    This poor Welsummer has shown up again. Similar to the last case I've had with randos in my yard, she has few feathers and signs of Bumblefoot. I haven't named her yet. She is a pretty bird and she stuffed silly on feed. Any ideas on help I can give. Will provide pics as soon as possible. She is...
  10. NoFlyBackFarm

    A Word of Encouragement Today!

    Everyday I'll post a different encouraging Bible verse! If you don't like it just don't say so, it's meant to be here for others who need it! Anyone can post a verse here or a word of encouragement anything! Today's Word: John 3:16 " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten...
  11. NoFlyBackFarm

    Turken Sex please help!

    These two are getting sent to me via mail and I am getting them tomorrow from @FishMtFarm! Any ideas on sex? They are a few months old:
  12. NoFlyBackFarm

    Sex of Two Supposed Roosters!

    These two are 3-4 months old and no crowing.... I was told they were roosters in a previous forum. Now I am not so sure, they don't have big combs. Some of my hens have larger and the big rooster (father) does chase them off. Any ideas? They were both hatched by my 8 year old hen... One: A...
  13. NoFlyBackFarm

    What's Your BYC Birthday?!

    The forum is here! On this forum you post your first day on BYC! It is your BYC birthday! This is a forum for chicken cakes, poultry themed BYC birthday parties, and just celebrating your years on BYC!
  14. NoFlyBackFarm

    Broody Trouble! Please Help!

    Okay, so I have three hens who are broody and one has hatched 3 chicks. They are fine. The other 2 are brooding eggs and they seem to be fine at the candle nice and warm. The problem is that the other eggs are totally black and i see no signs of hatching. They have been brooding at least 2...
  15. NoFlyBackFarm


    Okay so as some of you know, I am having the broody contest! I thought to have a animal dress up contest! Put your pet in a homemade or store bought costume for a chance to win! Any animal is allowed, chicken, duck, dog, cat, horse, etc. Looking for 3 judges! This will end on October 30th...
  16. NoFlyBackFarm

    Chicken Breeds?

    They are all from my EE hen (the one in the photo), but which of my roosters fertilized (I will get better pics tomorrow): Rhode Island Red (for sale) Barnyard Mix Black Star(for sale) White Silkie(for sale) For Sale Here:
  17. NoFlyBackFarm

    Broody Contest!!

    I am having a broody contest! Share a pic or video of your favorite broody hen or duck or whatever bird you have for a chance to win! No prize and any photo from any time allowed! PM me to be a judge and this is ONLY to be FUN. The deadline is a month. Please no competitiveness only CUTENESS...
  18. NoFlyBackFarm

    Roosters for Sale!

    I have 3 roosters for sale! Silkie Age- 7 months Temperament-not mean, not friendly, nervous, good with hens, okay with roosters Waddles-purple Color-White Eyes- Blue? Name- Snowy Store bought at-Tractor Supply Cost- $25 (negotiable) Black Star Age- 7 months Temperament-not mean. not...
  19. NoFlyBackFarm

    First Time Mother Rabbit

    So.. I have raised first time moms before. This time it's a Mini Rex. I am used to very large rabbits. What are you supposed to do. She is about triple her size and 22 days in. Any thing I need to know?
  20. NoFlyBackFarm


    Okay so I have a pregnant rabbit. That is enough to deal with. Now I have a first time chicken mom with an egg that when candled is full on maybe day 20... What do I do take it or leave it? PLZ HELP!!!! My other hen hatched 2 months ago ish...
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