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    Partridge Silkie Hen

    Quote: Thank you
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    Partridge Silkie Hen

    This is Dean. She is a non-bearded partridge silkie and strongly believed to be a hen. She is about 5-6 months old. Not laying or crowing yet, but I am almost positive she is female. She has the standard 5 toes. She has a beautiful red neck and a very sweet personality. Im selling her...
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    Blue Silkie Rooster - Pet Quality

    This is Sinatra. He is a non-bearded Blue Silkie Rooster. He is labeled as pet quality because he does have some gold leakage throughout his hackles. Though they are striking and evenly dispersed, I think. He is approximately 7-8 months old and a confirmed rooster. He has the standard 5...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: I agree... My oldest is about 4 months and though I was sure it was a boy because he had a large comb and wattles but it wasnt until two days ago I heard a crow that didnt belong to my other two and he was the only "suspect" that it could have belonged to. He also doesnt seem to...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: Im pretty sure thats a partridge thanks I didn't hatch them out my friend sent them to me and they were already a week old. I'll keep posting pictures of it as it gets older No problem My little partridge had those colours on her body when she was a baby. She did have colour on...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: Im pretty sure thats a partridge
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    Partridge Silkies - Nothing else

    Quote: Sorry Mrheinz77... I know the feeling. I lost my little Bing on the 19th to a possum. She was always a loner of the group since Id had to bring her back from wry neck when she was young and then immediately once she was better my outside guys had a bought with pnuemonia which kept her...
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    Things made from wood pallets!!! Amazing!

    This forum is what inspired me to pick up pallets to make myself a new coop. I think my family thinks Im nuts but they will see once I have a nice 8x6 coop that cost me less than a $100. I dont have a whole lot right now and wont get to start until next Spring but so far I havent bought...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: You described the addiction perfectly, Whats worse is HAVING the land and trying to stay reasonable... I think you came to the wrong place to get help for your addiction...just sayin. X2!! Haha I know I know Thanks for the "support" guys LOL! Its ok Ive decided I will wait until...
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    Pictures of my weirdoes.

    Quote: Haha I totally just got my husband on this picture. I told him "Ugh! Someone posted a picture of their three dead chickens! Thats so messed up!" He got all sour faced and asked "Why?!" Hahaha FYI: He also told me he wasnt going to believe anything I say for the rest of the night...
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    Am I a cruel mother??

    Haha I think its hilarious XD But like the others said - maybe next time he'll think before he steals the cookie dough haha
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: The colour of the comb doesnt have anything to do with the gender but Silkie standards do say that the comb should be a dark mulberry colour. Not red. If its a pink red it wont change that dramatically to the correct color. Do you have a picture?
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: Silkies are definitely addictive! Tell me about it! And Im broke and due to have a baby within the next week and a half or so LOL. Wont have time. But I love them so. I just want to cuddle and squeeze them and put little bows in their poofs!
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    Silkie thread!

    I having the itch for more silkies! Someone stop me!! LOL These guys are just so stinkin cute that I want to buy a huge farm and just have a gazillion of these little cotton balls running all over the place!
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    12+ Silkies From Sq Stock!!! *paint Included!!!* **pics**

    Quote: x2! I have no incubator! You make me wish I had one!!!! Great birds!
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    New Photo of my 7 Chickens

    Quote: x2 LOL I told my hubby they look like a Calander. Like they were posing LOL
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    Please help! cat with badly infected wound on her head.

    Quote: When my cat Yoshi had the hole in his face from the roo talon, and it was still pussing the vet told us to remove any scabs that formed UNTIL it stopped draining. If you leave the scab while it still wants to puss then the scab will hold the bacteria and infection inside the body...
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    Please help! cat with badly infected wound on her head.

    Quote: I agree w this. Had similar cat wound. Scrub it! This apply neospOrin and keep wound clean. If he develops fever you will have to vet him or get antibiotics somehow x2 The smell indicates infection in the area. If there is no fever then its possible it hasnt spread yet. Keep it...
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    Help! I don't know what's wrong! Faces swollen??!

    It sounds like pnuemonia. Mine recently had this. I was able to take the two that had the swollen faces to a vet and they put them on a regimen of Tetracycline for two weeks. They were really bad so I had to personally give it to them. The other chickens started showing signs so I went...
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    Probably going to sound ammature... but what does this behaviour mean?

    Haha Ok... I thought so. Wow *blush* Didnt think my sweet little Maggie had a dirty side *giggle* Well thanks for letting me know I have absolutely no worries about those two LOL
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