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  1. learycow

    Call Ducks, Muscovy, Geese

    Al's Quackery has already sorted through the first half of the fall birds! Only a few left and ready to ship! Please note, due to Covid delays, we are ONLY shipping to zip codes that show as 1 day express. NO 2 DAY (send us a message or email with your zip code and we will gladly check your...
  2. learycow


    Al's Quackery has assorted calls available now! If shipping I will only ship if your zip code is 1 day express. No 2 day as USPS has had some delays. Send me a message or email with your zip code and I will gladly look it up for you. Black bibbed Blue bibbed Black pied Blue pied White Silver...
  3. learycow


    Al's Quackery has had a great hatch of mini geese so far this season. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME- MALE MINI GOSLINGS! I have a few assorted colors left. Can feather out smooth, frillback or curly as they are from my assorted group pen. Colors are assorted white, blue, lavender, saddleback...
  4. learycow

    Call Ducklings

    Al's Quackery is offering shipping on call ducklings this season as 4 weeks and older (younger are just too small to safely travel!) We have: Black Ancona Blue Ancona Silver Ancona Chocolate Ancona Lilac Ancona Black Magpie Blue Magpie Silver Magpie Chocolate Magpie And all of the above...
  5. learycow

    Anconas! Ducklings and Eggs

    Al's Quackery is still taking orders for hatching eggs and ducklings (Sold out until beginning of April) We breed anconas in all colors (black, blue, chocolate, lilac, lavender and silver. Tricolors are produced in our flocks also). We also have them in crested! Out birds (aside from the...
  6. learycow

    2020 Breeding Season- Now taking orders!

    Al's Quackery is once again taking orders for the new hatching season! Please see the link with website for details We breed Ancona Ducks (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Silver, Lilac, Lavender) Call Ducks/ Crested Call Ducks (Ancona/Pied/Magpie patterns in Black, Blue...
  7. learycow

    Mini Sebastopol Geese

    Anyone else breed minis? I am working on mini sebastopols. It's tough, but this girl has prove how rewarding a good selective breeding program can be. Full grown (a year old now) the heaviest she has weighed in at is 7 lbs. I have muscovy hens who are bigger and heavier than she is!
  8. learycow

    Rare fun muscovy!

    Al's Quackery I have an assortment of fun, rare colored and patterned muscovy available. Silver barred Lavender Black ripple Blue Looney Blue Barred Send me a message or email me!
  9. learycow

    Mini Geese

    Al's Quackery has 2 pairs of mini sebastopol geese and 1 extra gander looking for a new flock NPIP and can ship to most states (please understand shipping costs have increased drastically) Please send me a message or check out my website and send an email if seriously...
  10. learycow

    Call Ducklings!

    Al's Quackery has lots of calls available due to many successful hatches this year! I can ship once they are a bit older (I do have some old enough and ready to ship) Prices vary by color starting at $35 and up. I can sex and sell in pairs (one male and one female) for additional cost Lots...
  11. learycow

    Muscovy Ducklings

    Al's Quackery has assorted rare colored and patterned ducklings available! Ripples Barred Looney Lavenders Some splits $150 for 6. Shipping additional. NPIP certified to ship to most states
  12. learycow

    Mini Goose

    Al's Quackery I have an extra mini sebastopol gander available. He's 2018 hatch so not yet used in any of my breeding programs. He is white but will produce color if bred to the right female(s). He is smooth with a few frills. They do tend to get a little more frilled with each molt though...
  13. learycow

    Fun bantam mix eggs

    Al's Quackery Now offering a fun assortment of silkie/sizzle/showgirl eggs (mottled, paint, black and cuckoo in my flock) and serama (mottled, calico, lavender and some off colors). These are currently still all together for winter warmth. I've been hatching some fun ones that are seramas but...
  14. learycow

    Ancona Ducklings and Hatching Eggs

    Al's Quackery! We have fertile eggs available weekly for shipping! Cream and green in color. An assortment of the colors we offer (black, blue, silver, chocolate, lilac and lavender. Tricolors possible). We also have a crested flock which is NOT currently separated from the main flocks so...
  15. learycow

    2019 Orders

    Al's Quackery is now taking orders for the 2019 season! Ancona ducks (standard size) show quality black, blue, chocolate, silver, lilac, lavender and tricolors I also breed these in crested (separate flock) Call ducks Ancona, pied and magpie patterns Black, blue, chocolate, silver, lilac...
  16. learycow


    I (Al's Quackery) bought the remaining mini sebastopols from Dave Holderread as he is discontinuing this breed. My flock is now up to 30 birds and I LOVE them all! Here are a few pictures of some of my breeding birds. I plan to work on smaller size and more curl as well as new colors (lilac and...
  17. learycow

    Holiday Swap

    Anyone interested in a holiday swap of some sort? Poultry/waterfowl related items? Secret Santa style? Minimum $20? Post here and I can get together a list and add rules to this post if there are enough people interested!
  18. learycow


    Al's Quackery is downsizing to concentrate on fewer breeds and varieties for the upcoming winter. LOTS of birds available and shipping to most US states. Ancona ducks: Adult male/female pairs and a couple trios. These will be in a variety of colors. Proven breeders and layers. My choice...
  19. learycow

    Geese- Maine but I do ship!

    Al's Quackery is thinning the flocks before winter Available geese: (please see Al's Quackery on Facebook for more listings and ducks that are available!) American Buff (1 left) American Blues (2 left) Sebastopols (3 white curly females) Mini Sebastopols (3 male/female pairs. Some hatched this...
  20. learycow

    Mini Sebastopols

    Al's Quackery- 2 mini sebastopol pairs for sale Each pair is a male and a female. Hatched spring 2018. These are a work in progress so please understand that at this time, the birds I have for sale don't meet the cut for breeders in my flock. So they are larger in size, less curly, and colors I...
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