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  1. karenerwin

    Solved My link takes me no where( a blank white page)

    I have a thumbnail picture in google that I click on and (in the past) it took me straight to BYC. Since Tuesday, May 16th, when I click on the thumbnail, comes up in the address bar and all I get...
  2. karenerwin

    Does frostbite effect a rooster's virility?

    I have read on several different threads that frostbite can effect a rooster's virility/ fertility. But I don't know why or if it is a temporary thing. I could see how the pain of frostbite could put him off doing his roosterly duty. I have tried to research it here on BYC but haven't found...
  3. karenerwin

    Egg bound (infection?), can I feed her back to the flock?

    I had a hen that was egg bound and I was unable to get her to pass the egg. Tried warm soaks, giving her calcium & vitamins, but no luck. She ended up having the egg break inside her (I think). When I culled her she was full of yellow liquid! It looked like urine, but had no smell. It had...
  4. karenerwin

    3 or 4 year old rooster is it wry neck?

    I don't know how well you can see it in these pictures but my Americauana rooster just suddenly can't hold his head up. His neck & head are completely twisted so that his head is upside down. His neck is very floppy. He was fine this morning. but then this evening he was lying on the floor of...
  5. karenerwin

    6 week old chicks dying, not sure why

    I need help & advice. I hatched 4 Penedesenca eggs on Feb27 - March 1st. The last one had gotten shrink wrapped & needed help. She came out with some pretty severe leg problems & eventually died. The other 3 ( 2 pullets/1 cockerel) were doing great. I hatched out 21 more eggs in the Easter HAL...
  6. karenerwin

    Lash Egg

    My daughter is writing a paper for school and has been researching the internet for information about causes; symptoms; treatments; prognosis and anything else that would be useful in a paper about lash eggs. Thanks in advance for any help you can give her.
  7. karenerwin

    Acorns as a food source?

    Does anyone know if acorns can be used as a treat or food supplement for chickens? We have an overabundance of acorns this year. The chickens don't mess with them, but one day I was bored and split some open ( in half ) and the chickens were eating them. I didn't want to do too many incase...
  8. karenerwin

    why did my chicken die?

    I found my hen dead laying under a scrubby red bud tree. It appears that she had been dust bathing.I don't see any marks on her at all. We have poke berry growing in the yard, but I don't think she ate any berries. She had been laying eggs since Aug. 24, 2013. I've been putting out bowls of...
  9. karenerwin

    Hi, here is my introduction.

    My name is Karen. I got started with chickens when the ex-husband gave our 15 year old daughter 4 chicks for Easter. 1 sex-linked black Australorp,1 Plymouth rock,1 NHR, and 1( I forget what it is suppose to be!). Unfortunately, 3 of them turned out to be roosters! They all hatched March 25/26...
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