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  1. lovin my birds

    White Cornish Breeding Project Pair

    Are these bantam or lf?
  2. lovin my birds

    Sebastopol female geese

    How much would shipping be to 64076? For the blue/grey.
  3. lovin my birds

    Bantam calico/millie fluer hatching eggs

    I have for sale hatching eggs from my calico/millie fluer cochins. They have been laying a ton of eggs. I have had great fertility and hatch rate here at the farm. I currently have calico, blue calico, blue millie, millie, and blue and black mottled in this pen. Price is $30 per dozen or $15 per...
  4. lovin my birds

    Blue Gold Splash Partridge Brahma, Crested Cream Legbar, White Faced Spanish, Serama/frizzle

    Thats exactly what I was going to say is Cochin. They are so nice and fluffy. And not to terribly expensive. I would love to get both breeds and getting them both from the same place would be a bonus.
  5. lovin my birds

    Blue Gold Splash Partridge Brahma, Crested Cream Legbar, White Faced Spanish, Serama/frizzle

    Very interested in your Brahma and your cream legbar. Please keep me on the waiting list. My email is [email protected] or I can give you phone number through pm. Thank you so much. Rachel
  6. lovin my birds

    California Valley Quail

    I am searching for a pair and a single male valley quail. Might take 2 or 3 pairs if the price is right. Must be able to ship to Odessa, MO. Please let me know if you have any. Might consider eggs as well. Thank you!
  7. lovin my birds

    FREE Giveaway for Partridge Wyandotte Chicks!

    Any barnvelder eggs or chicks available?
  8. lovin my birds

    Day old Chicks!!: 40+ breeds available: English Orpingtons, Auto Sexing Breeds, Partridge Brahmas,

    Have any jubilee orp and cream legbar chicks or eggs for sale right now?
  9. lovin my birds

    Wanted Call Duck!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    I am in desperate need of a pastel call duck female. I have a lonely male waiting for a companion. I had a female for him but my parents fed them for me one night and accidentally left the door open and a predator got my female. Please if anyone has one let me know. I really want a show quality...
  10. lovin my birds

    Wanted Millie Fluer/Calico Cochin Chicks

    Hi I am looking to add a few more Millie fleur/calico chicks to my flock. I would really like chicks seeing as though my bator is down right now. Would like them in the next few weeks. Please let me know what you have and if you can ship or if you are close enough for me to pick them up. I live...
  11. lovin my birds

    Easter Eggers, Call Ducks, Welsh Harlequin ducks (Central IL)

    To bad you don't ship. I would take both the harlequin drakes and 2 pair of calls. :( You have beautiful birds.
  12. lovin my birds

    Olandsk Dwarf Chickens

    I know of one other in the KC area that has some. But she just has chicks. I need a full grown rooster. Ready to breed.
  13. lovin my birds

    Olandsk Dwarf Chickens

    Does anyone near Ocalla, FL. Or between ocalla and missouri have any for sale right now. I really need a few Roos. Please let me know. I can make a littla bit of a detour on my way back but not much. Will be leaving tomorrow morning.
  14. lovin my birds

    Welsh Harlequin Ducks and Embden Geese in need of a home TN

    Man I really wish you where closer. I live by Kansas city, Mo and would take all in a heartbeat. But really want the ducks.
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