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  1. ariri30

    Winter chicks/thanksgiving chicks

    My bantam pullet is brooding three eggs for the third time this year. I tried to break her and was successful a few times but at the end she won. I don’t want to bring her inside the house and the garage is as cold as keeping her with the rest of the flock. If I keep the water warm for the...
  2. ariri30

    Boy or girl

    My hen hatched 5 eggs from my own mixed chickens and I’m 110% sure 4 are cockerels but this one I’m not so sure
  3. ariri30

    Please advise

    I have a one year old rooster. He is great because he’s not aggressive with people or the hens, my issue is that he is too violent when he’s matting with them. I have 9 hens and him and all their backs are bare and getting infected. I filed all his claws and spurs down and the damage hasn’t...
  4. ariri30

    Hatching question help

    My OEB hen hatched three chicks on Friday she had four eggs, one egg she kicked out because it didn’t hatched but when I candled it it has what it looks to me a way behind incubated egg. I picked it up and put it in the incubator. My question is, is it possible that she laid an egg after she...
  5. ariri30

    This is going on for a few weeks

    She’s laying eggs and she’s not setting on eggs either :barnie I can’t wait for her to make up her mind and sit already
  6. ariri30

    Blood on eggs

    My oeb laid a very bloody egg. Should I worry? I want to check her but she’s pretty wild and I cannot catch her I might be more susceful when she’s sleeping tonight if I can reach her in the coop. Or should I just leave her alone. She’s acting normal right now. Scratching around the yard. Edit...
  7. ariri30

    Sick rooster

    My little rooster comb doesn’t look good. He’s acting normal but it doesn’t look like he has eaten anything. Can someone help me out please? I checked inside his mouth and it seems clear. No sneezing or coughing TIA
  8. ariri30

    Thinking about getting ducklings

    I can’t wait for TSC chicks day. I want to get some duckings. They have a minimum of 6. Last year I got two ducklings and six chicks. All the chicks turned out to be pullets and the two ducklings male. It’s there a way to kind of pick out at least two females out of a straight run? I’m getting...
  9. ariri30

    What breed is this guy

    I posted back in July about this little guy. I got eggs from a friend of a friend and told him they were seramas but I have doubts
  10. ariri30

    What kind of cockerel is this?

    I got this cockerel from a BYC member that was rehouse him. She said he’s a Orpington and barred rock. But the comb is not from those breeds. He’s very mellow so far. I might try to hatch some eggs from my LF chickens. I have one BR and two BA. a SLW and an EE that are about 14 weeks old
  11. ariri30

    Weird question

    I have an 7 month old cockerel and 10 weeks old chicks. Yesterday while I was watching them I saw the older cockerel trying to mate with one of the 10 weeks old chick that I think is a baby roo. Does the older cockerel knows if the chick is a male or female better than I do? Or was he confused...
  12. ariri30

    What breed

    Just got these chicks at a feed store and the owner wasn’t there. The boy that was attending the store knew nothing about chickens so he couldn’t tell what they are. Thanks
  13. ariri30

    Please help me. What happened to my chickens?

    :hit:(This morning I found feathers everywhere and I cannot find my chicken snowflake. No blood no body only feathers. Two chickens flew to my neighbor’ Yard they are back now. and the rest were in the coop scared. I looked around and couldn’t find anything but when I looked up there was a...
  14. ariri30

    How do I know if she’s is serious about being broody

    pixie my silver Sebright has been clucking and fluffing for a few days now. She gets in her nest for a couple of hours gets out and then she act like that all day and then go to sleep with the rest of the chickens. I want her to hatch her eggs. But how serious is she? Does it take a few days...
  15. ariri30

    I don’t think this are Seramas

    I was given some eggs and this cuties hatched under my Broody Dutch I was told they were Seramas eggs. But the comb tells me they are not. Am I right?does know what they could be. Thanks in advance!
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