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    Possible egg bound???

    I have hen who I thought was egg bound, and brought her in to care for her. It’s been about 6 days and she is eating and drinking again just fine, pooping just fine. But is still doing the penguin walk. She seems not quite strong enough to stay out with the other chickens, although we have...
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    Young rooster aggressive towards older flock

    Hi there everyone. I have 5 girls left in my old gal flock, they’re all about 3-4 years old. July we got a new round and we’re surprised to have a rooster. He’s been great and not showing much aggression but I’m assuming his “puberty” is hitting him. He’s fairly nice to the hens he was raised...
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    Older gal seems!

    Hi everyone, I have a mixed age flock and one of my older girls has been struggling for quite some time. But recently I’ve noticed she is not moving much, sleeping a lot, and doing this thing with her neck that almost seems like she has something stuck in her throat. She also keep spitting up...
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