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  1. AZWhiteKnight

    Back at it again

    You should just try something. I would not use poison, as you end up possibly poisoning the entire food chain. The rodents in my area seem to not like cheese or peanut butter. I thought peanut butter was something that any animal would go for. I have had success with apple slices.
  2. AZWhiteKnight

    Feeding scraps to chickens

    As long as it has nutritional value, there is no such thing as giving your chickens too many treats. There is no animal on this planet that was designed to eat feed pellets. I appreciate the ease in which they make feeding the birds, but pellets alone do not make a complete diet. Ideally, I...
  3. AZWhiteKnight

    Raising Roosters vs Acquiring One

    Be careful introducing an older rooster. If you don't get it right, you could have a bloody mess on your hands. A young roo that is currently top dog will not appreciate an older roo being brought in and taking his spot.
  4. AZWhiteKnight

    Raising Roosters vs Acquiring One

    In my experience, it is innate. I cannot think of a single roo I have had that did not take the breeding job extremely seriously. It is typically the protection role that I have had some struggle with. Whenever I have had two or more roosters in a flock, one dominates the others and I do not...
  5. AZWhiteKnight

    Baby chicks afraid of everything!

    There is a reason that cowards are referred to as chickens. If you want them to like you, make sure they associate you as the 'human that brings the feed bucket.'
  6. AZWhiteKnight

    Too early to be outside?

    We had coyotes break into one of our coops and make off with every single bird late last year (hence why I had an order arrive in May), so I feel for ya. Good luck with your latest batch.
  7. AZWhiteKnight

    Need a new coop

    Build your own. It's not that hard.
  8. AZWhiteKnight

    Too early to be outside?

    As long as they have the heat source, they should be fine outside. I received new birds in early May (and we had an extremely mild spring) and was mostly fine. For many years, I would receive new birds and never lost one. I had and order last year in which I lost ~80% of the order, and the...
  9. AZWhiteKnight

    Natural feed for chicks and hen?

    It seems like you are doing things well. No animal on the planet was design to eat kibble, so I do not believe you are doing anything wrong. I try to give them access to bugs as much as I can (I keep a couple of logs and blocks in the run that I flip over sometimes, and have a maggotry), but...
  10. AZWhiteKnight

    When is the best time to get chicks?

    There's no wrong time. If it's getting colder out, just put a heat lamp in the coop. Chickens are tough.
  11. AZWhiteKnight

    Best way to wean chicks into the heat?

    Welcome to AZ Treveryan! In 100+ temperatures, the birds are going to pant at times. Giving them some water to hang out in should decrease that. I have found that as long as the birds have shade and water, they are fine. I have hose-connected water buckets with the drinking nipples on them...
  12. AZWhiteKnight

    Would it be wise to start closing up my flock in the coop?

    I left my coops open for years (almost a decade) with no issues, until one morning late last year, I came out to find that a pack of coyotes had decimated one of my flocks. I build my own coops - 3 in total. The coyotes dug in under the run, entered the coop and made off with 13 birds. My...
  13. AZWhiteKnight

    What kind of shoes do you wear out to the chickens?

    I wear my old work boots. They are falling apart and the treads have been worn flat so they don't pick up too much. My chicks lobe to peck at them too. I always regret when I am in a rush and go in with my new work boots
  14. AZWhiteKnight

    Need advise on this coop

    Even if I only had a small amount of birds (and that never lasts as others have mentioned), I would want a coop that I could access. Too much could go on in there without your knowledge.
  15. AZWhiteKnight

    Digging Predator Visits

    Instead of using fence wire like you did, I used concrete for my coop. Right after I got my run frame up I dug a 6 inch wide X 18 inch deep trench all the way around it, ran my chicken wire around that, and then cemented it all in. I know people here say chicken wire is the devil, but I have...
  16. AZWhiteKnight

    If I had it to do all over again . . .

    20/20 hindsight - I should have just put in a chicken barn!
  17. AZWhiteKnight

    To leave open or not leave open, that is the question!

    I just got back into chickens this year after not having them for 20 years or so when I was growing up on the east coast. Unfortunately, I designed and built the coop for security and did not plan for the desert summers. So, after planning to lock them up every night, I ended up being forced...
  18. AZWhiteKnight

    Need some expert advice for my chicken moat

    I take it that this is an effort to deter pests? I had considered doing something similar. My first garden was devastated by ground squirrels last year, so I made my garden fortress this year to address the issue. And it has for the most part. However, I am still thinking of expanding the...
  19. AZWhiteKnight

    What breeds does everyone have?

    I am a single breed guy too - 20 silver-gray dorkings. Great birds. Sold a few to a friend of mine and she was skeptical about the five toes but now she loves them.
  20. AZWhiteKnight

    Cottonmouth in chicken pen

    I have had a lot of success with Dr T's Snake Away. I would not sprinkle it in the run Or any where your flock is likely to free range, but it seems to keep snakes away. Never used it for cottonmouths, but it works great on diamondbacks. You can pick it up at home depot or lowes.
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