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  1. spectrumranch

    Golden Lakenvelders

    Anyone here with Golden Lakenvelders?
  2. spectrumranch

    Blue Mottled Turkeys

    I have raised Black Mottled turkeys for many years. But does anyone here have any Blue Mottled Turkeys. I have been working on producing the Blue Mottled for awhile now. Which I am producing the Blue Mottled, however I would like to see if anyone else has some.
  3. spectrumranch

    Chicken Police video
  4. spectrumranch

    Dog attack Authorities say a pack of dogs has killed animals at the Mobile Zoo for the second time since early November. In the most recent attacks late Sunday night or early Monday, the zoo lost a pregnant red deer and an...
  5. spectrumranch

    Please vote yes to animal ownership. Please vote yes. I know it says house pets...... but remember many animals like hedgehogs, zebu cattle, llamas, alpacas, swans, peacocks, pheasants, many types of fowl will be included as...
  6. spectrumranch

    Sponges for coyotes

    I have heard of using sponges to kill coyotes. If anyone has an experience: Does it need to be a natural sea sponge? Does the sponge need to be tied in a ball with cotton rope, so it expands in the stomach? Do you place it in a meatball, or soak it in bacon grease or ?
  7. spectrumranch

    Golden Ball

    In all the years I have raised pheasants- This is a new one! I purchased some golden males put them in a crate and when I went to get them out of the crate, all 6 were stuck together in one ball. They had long tails but somehow they get tangled together. 2 males pulled loose when I got them...
  8. spectrumranch

    Emerald Pied Spaldings

    Some of the Emerald Pied Spaldings we raised this year: Father: Mother: Raised 8 babies from this pair, 1 male and 7 females with one being dark pied. Planning on selling the trio of young ones in the photo.
  9. spectrumranch

    Tolbunt Polish

    Some of the young Tolbunt Polish we raised this year:
  10. spectrumranch

    Abyssinian Blue pheasants

    Up for bid is a pair of 2011 hatch Abyssinian Blue pheasants. Box & Shipping $85.00
  11. spectrumranch

    Guineas of a different color- Vulturine Hybrids!

    We have a couple domestic guinea hens in with 2 pairs of Vulturines and this year have raised some hybrids from that pen. The domestic hens are a Pearl and a Royal Purple. The hybrids are getting the Vulturine colors. Here are photos of the oldest hybrids: (the color is better than what the...
  12. spectrumranch

    Mule Ducks

    Anybody else with Mule duck photos? MULE DUCKS: We raised about 20 mule ducks this year, Rouen drakes on lilac muscovy hens. Most are Black with greenish/purplish heads and backs. Very beautiful, just can't get a good photo. A bunch are blue with different irredescent sheen. I like...
  13. spectrumranch

    Mottled Muscovies

    Anybody else here have Mottled Muscovies?
  14. spectrumranch

    Peafowl sales

    How are everyone's sales going this fall on surplus peafowl? The interest seems to be high. We had about 80 breeder peafowl and have sold almost all already in the last 6 weeks. Only have 13 left out of the 80, but have some more that we be coming home from the zoo's in the next few weeks. Plus...
  15. spectrumranch


    Any Nebraska BYC members going to the swap at Lop-A-Lop farm in Allen, NE this weekend?
  16. spectrumranch

    Exploding Muscovies

    When we were done shipping Muscovy eggs this summer, we turned them all loose to free range- so most of the hens went and built nests. Well now we have a muscovy explosion! One hen hatched 25 babies herself. Most of the others have 12 to 14 babies. In the last couple weeks over 150 ducklings...
  17. spectrumranch

    Wisconsin swap this weekend- anyone going?

    Wings and things Exotic bird and animal club will be having their annual swap Waupaca County Fairgrounds in Weyauwega, WI August 1st, 2010 Buy- sell or trade Refreshments on the grounds $2.00 admission under 12 free 6:00am- 1:00 pm Large raffle Info Mary 920-867-2376. This is a great show...
  18. spectrumranch

    Updating topics

    Why do people post a topic- asking questions, then when they comeback with an update a week or two later they start a new thread?????????? Why not just go back to the orgininal thread and post the update on there? For me--- if I did not see the orginal post..... then I do not know the back...
  19. spectrumranch


    Score--- just went out to finish late night chores (pick peacock eggs, water brooders, check incubators, give calf a bottle) when the dog barked by the pheasant pens. After watching her for a bit she went back to a tree- where she had tree'd a coon. She is only about 18 months old so is still...
  20. spectrumranch

    Abyssinian Blue ringneck hatching eggs

    Auction is for 6 Abyssinian Blue Ringneck Pheasant hatching eggs. We have several pens of Blues setup for breeding. We have fertile eggs in the incubator and have starting shipping. We CAN NOT guarantee the eggs to hatch. We hatch a large number of birds at our farm, but when the eggs are...
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