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  1. lovelychicken

    helping u, cutting welded wire

    just thought id make this quick for those who are doing the coops and killing your hands with those pliers plus wasting all that precious time................there is this thing my boyfriend brought over and i can cut threw eight feet of it in a matter of a minute or less with less sharp edges...
  2. lovelychicken

    EE pullet, cock? 8 weeks old now. more pics

    They are eight weeks and no crowing. update: first three above these four are (in front) IMO cock last one of these four is IMO pullet BUT YOU TELL ME? Thanks for responding to first part of this, finally found camera cord...getting more tomarrow too Update: You can see the body very...
  3. lovelychicken

    Well, wasn't that dumb and messy!

    Hey, don't be dumb like me and put your feeder that you just cleaned in the oven with only pilot light on. Umm, this drying method only works if you don't actually turn the oven on and melt it to this hanging snotty looking goo....daughter turned it on, she was making brownies and didn't know...
  4. lovelychicken

    Anyone using the open coop method?

    So I stumbled across a couple articles about open air coops for healthier birds and found a little info on it but was wondering who does this in wet climates. I could understand in hot climates it would work but our climate is rainy/wet/foggy and sometimes hot (not often.) They would...
  5. lovelychicken

    thin chicks, please please help

    I posted before on this and didnt get responses but one. They are 6-7 weeks old, not under heat anymore, outside in coop at night, run during day. temps at day are 60-70 and at night 55-60. sleeping on sand, they wont perch yet, in coop. they eat purina frow and start medicated and little...
  6. lovelychicken

    Sand in coop ok?

    I like the sand so much that I put it in the coop, its so much easier to clean out the poop and it doent smell like pine shavings. I think the ammonia gets smothered by the sand. I was wondering though if it ok to use in coop, it does get a little cold. The chicks are 6-7 weeks and arnt yet...
  7. lovelychicken

    thin 6-7 week chicks

    Hello, my two BA felt pretty thin for a couple weeks but now feel thinner and my other two EE are now feeling very thin as well. You can feel the bone a lot and not much meat on either side of it, the underneath part. Searched to find nothin on thin chickens. They get purina grow and start...
  8. lovelychicken

    Roofing problems

    Well, today boyfriend and I kinda had a little arguement over this coop. I wanted to chickens out cause the dust is starting to give me bad headaches so the coop needed just just be put together quick today. Weve been working on it for two weeks. He wanted to make it line up and everything...
  9. lovelychicken

    Easter Eggers, need help sexing please

    Posted earlier, need help to sex these guys/gals. Supposed to all be layers but think I heard on do the "cockadoodledoo" today.
  10. lovelychicken

    Update- Better Pics of EE, layer or cock?

    Here is the better pics Hope this makes easier to distinguish. I think I heard one start of crow today. Supposed to be with lots of yellow/orange around neck and the other EE with only a little on it. Think the one with lots of yellow is a male. Both BA look female...
  11. lovelychicken

    Angry! Where is your heart?

    Let me first say I already know the rules here, if this thread gets locked- oh well. I am angry and very very upset with the way people are cruel. I woke up again to the sound of the coon hound dog and their rat terriers going crazy. I knew deep down what was going on but my stupid curiousity...
  12. lovelychicken

    rainy weather flooring for run

    Hi, almost done with the house/run but am really mixed on whether to add wire to bottom of run and cover with dirt (this would have to be on mound of dirt also) or to just lay painted plywood on bottom and putting sand on that (plywood would sit above ground on 2x4's. My backyard slopes down...
  13. lovelychicken

    clipping wings, when can i?

    Whats the age when I can start clipping wings, they are flying out as soon as I open the lid and if they manage to get over the fence-they'll be free dog food for the neighbors...both sides of my fence, each one having three dogs each. Mine are five and six weeks. Also, will they be able to...
  14. lovelychicken

    difference between hardwire cloth and welded wire

    ok, so maybe i am a little slow here but whats the difference between the heavy duty welded wire and hardwire cloth? I bought the welded wire one time and they were out the second so I got this stuff that is more flimsy but stilll seemed strong. the guys at the feed store don't know the...
  15. lovelychicken

    shaking head non stop, sick? UPDATED 5/19

    5/19 UPDATE: All is ok for now, EE are no longer shaking...possibly the hay? That was a real scare but thank god its going good for now!!! Ok, well now my two EE are shaking thier heads fast. Started earlier today with just one now the other has started. They are two weeks old with two one...
  16. lovelychicken

    Flying into eachother, help

    Ok, Ive posted before about these guys. Can't figure out if they are playing/learning or if this is some sort of fighting behavior. They fly at each other all the time, not really pecking just air bombing each other...Is this fighting or is this learning to fly? They also walk straight into...
  17. lovelychicken

    -NEED HELP-1 week with 2 weeks, getting picked on *pics

    Ok, well I asked if I should put these guys together last week and I did, they were doing fine until I moved them all to a big brooding cage and now all the bigger ones are doing is picking on the little ones. I have two small and two big. They dont peck so far, just running after them...
  18. lovelychicken

    Any new info on making own chicken food

    Anyone have any info on how they do their own chicken food? I make my own dog food, it costs less and is far better of quality. So who knows how to do this with chickens? Ive seen a few places but would like to know some people out there that have done this with good outcomes. What, how...
  19. lovelychicken

    Must not skimp on wire for cages!!!

    Honestly, I saw this over and over happen....RACCOONS/DOGS/etc. can get through chicken wire, its not meant to keep preditors out, only to keep the chickens in. I see lots of post on preditors getting them while in the coop, please don't skimp on the wire, use only the heavy duty wire, heavy...
  20. lovelychicken

    If chicks eating grass, should I put sand in?

    So I am fairly new to all this, raised some on grandpa's farm but that was a long time ago...should I put some sand from the river into the cage for them if they are eating grass? I have grit but looks too large for them, they knew I had chicks though. Thank you all.
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