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  1. duckinnut

    A new link to the chickens ancestors

    Just imagine the size of the eggs. "You're going need a bigger box".
  2. duckinnut

    Giving chicken keepers a bad name

  3. duckinnut

    Heart Warming

    I just wanted to share this story as a sub plot in the World Series. While today's athletes tend to be egotistical jerks and glory hounds sometimes a story emerges mostly from bit players that are thankful for their opportunity and give you hope for mankind. While I am a fringe baseball fan but...
  4. duckinnut

    Julian date on an egg box

    This is one topic/thread I have not come across after 3 years on this site. I was at friends house getting four 2 week old BSLs(stupid chicken math). This subject came up and never knew how to read the box. Figured I would pass it along to the long timers as well as the newbies and everybody in...
  5. duckinnut

    Rest in Peace "Possum"

    It is a sad day in country music as icon George Jones has passed. While his heyday was when I was a child and was my "mothers country" I found myself listening to his music and knowing most of the words and songs recalled from my youth of hours of my mothers listening. On a 33LP of all things...
  6. duckinnut

    3 plus years in, first loss to a predator

    Well last night went to close in my larger group for the night and one of the girls was standing on the roost squawking away and I was wondering what was up with her. Then I did my nightly head count and one was missing. Now I have had some escape from their open confines before only to return...
  7. duckinnut

    What do you make of this story?

    Grand theft chicken.
  8. duckinnut


    OUCH!!!!!!!! This had to hurt although the chicken just seems to be going about every day life.
  9. duckinnut

    Blizzard of 2013/Hate winter(pic heavy)

    Here some photos of yard during and after which resulted in no power for a 7 days and no phone,cable or Internet for 8. Thank God for my wood stove,gas grill and a 2 burner camp stove. Only missed coffee and a shower the whole time.Got to get a camp coffee pot. The girls were a little freaked...
  10. duckinnut

    Huge egg video suprise inside|maing9|daily-buzz10|sec11_lnk2|260567 Classic signs of a goal driven over achiever.
  11. duckinnut

    Bill Clinton ....Father of the What????

    Why not Husband of the Century too. There are so many more deserving people than this egocentric fool. Just don't see it. With the way he treated women he should never even been considered. And in other news Hannibal Lechter voted most "Most Dedicated Vegan"
  12. duckinnut

    Do they just get tired and die?

    I had a BR that was 2 1/2 years old that went from perfectly fine(seemed to be) to dead inside of 3 days. On Thursday she was doing regular chicken things with the rest of the flock and that night went in to shut the coop up after work and all seemed well. Friday morning she wouldn't get down of...
  13. duckinnut

    POL RSL's

    What would be a good price for a 4 1/2 month RSL(Cinnamon queen)? I will not disclose whether I am buying or selling. Just want some others input as what would be a good dollar amount. $10, $12 $20 ??
  14. duckinnut

    Big score on feed

    Scored big on Monday at the local fair in my town(146 years running). All 3 of my kids are in 4H and my two girls have been stewards at the fair caring for pigs and poultry over the last 3 or 4 of years. My middle daughter has been poultry steward for two years running and is the hardest job...
  15. duckinnut

    Another assault on eggs

    They print this stuff but won't let you comment.|main5|dl10|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D192911
  16. duckinnut

    Any answers I'm out of them

    I have a 2 year old RSL and I am thinking she is egg bound but not 100% sure. Her lower abdomen is all puffed out like she is going to explode. She will often stand like she is going to lay but she seems like she can't. Have given her 3 warm baths put vaseline in her,and felt down her oviduct as...
  17. duckinnut

    New Young Gun

    About a week and a half ago my White Rock Roo of 2 years suddenly just dropped dead while I was out in the yard chasing a Buff hen. He was flipping out one minute, then dead on the ground the next. He went from crowing to a funny coo to expired all in a minutes time. I heard this weird coo noise...
  18. duckinnut

    Rooster just dropped dead

    I have(had) a White Rock rooster, my only one, just dropped dead. I was chasing one of my Buffs that was out of their designated area and he was freaking and crowing while I was in the brush trying to catch the escapee. I heard this weird noise so I looked back over to the fenced in area and he...
  19. duckinnut

    hen has bump

    I got a 2 year old RSL that has this bump between her her tail and her cloaca and not sure what the heck it is. Could it be an ingrown feather, it feels warm but not hot. Its about an inch below her tail hump and a half above her cloaca and about the size of a hazelnut. Any ideas? See if I can...
  20. duckinnut

    Best broad spectrum wormer?

    As the title says what is the over-all best wormer that runs the gamut for layers? Is there such a product? Who uses what?
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