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  1. Ehigh57

    Anyone know what breed and sex this sweety is?

    Thanks guys. You're not going to believe this but it showed up in my daughters backyard this afternoon. They live in a townhome with a postage sized backyard that has an 8 ft. fence around it. It was hiding under the only bush in the yard. They are surrounded by other townehomes so I don't...
  2. Ehigh57

    Bless Their Heart... And Other Southern Sayings

    Quote: Or....Well slap my ass and call me silly.
  3. Ehigh57

    ((Attention RedHen)) My brother's new toy....

    All kinds of nice toys in that picture.
  4. Ehigh57

    New Chicken momma in Georgia

    from Newnan, GA. Where are you located?
  5. Ehigh57

    Kids say the funniest things.....

    Quote: Here's another one from the same child. I had 4 year old Madison for an overnight visit this past Spring and we decided to have us a picnic in the back yard. We got a blanket and made a picnic lunch for the both of us and my dog Estelle. We set up in our little lunch in a shady part...
  6. Ehigh57

    Kids say the funniest things.....

    To set the oldest daughter is expecting her 3rd child in February and has been suffering horribly with morning sickess. Her 2 year old son runs to the bathroom with her and rubs her back while she's throwing up saying "ok Mama? (so stinkin sweet that child is) Her 4 yr old daughter...
  7. Ehigh57

    ~**Motorcycle Thread**~ For the Biker in us ....

    Quote: The rides will be various distances. Some will be weekend rides (within a 200 mile radius) Savannah for a ghost tour, Blue Ridge for Fall Festival. Others will be long distance (10 days to 2 weeks) to Yellowstone, Devils Tower. Possibilites are endless. Eileen
  8. Ehigh57

    ~**Motorcycle Thread**~ For the Biker in us ....

    We own a 2000 Harley Road King. We got frustrated trying to find rides to join so we designed a website for just such a thing! It's in my signature line if you'd like to check it out. We plan on organizing a ride later this summer or early fall. It will be a reasonably priced, all inclusive...
  9. Ehigh57

    Gutless worm....

    Consider this has a way of making things final. You are not guaranteed tomorrow.
  10. Ehigh57

    Anyone Heading To STURGIS for bike......

    I have a website you should check out. You can post a meet up place to head to Sturgis and other riders can sign up. Membership and postings are free. It's in my signature line. Have fun and safe travels.
  11. Ehigh57

    Hello everyone, My name is Christian

    Hello from Georgia! Christian
  12. Ehigh57

    Looking For SL Wyandottes and Speckled Sussex Breeders

    Bargain has Speckled Sussex. She's great to work with and has very healthy birds.
  13. Ehigh57

    Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Breeders

    Wynette has gorgeous birds. Check out her website.
  14. Ehigh57

    Anybody else ride a Harley?

    Hi Just wanted to let you know about my new website. I designed it for motorcycle enthusiasts that are looking for rides in their area or beyond. Membership is FREE and very easy. You can also put a ride together and post it on the site for free. Great way to make new...
  15. Ehigh57

    Delicate question...

    Try this website. I ran across this store on a road trip thru St. Louis last summer. They had billboards along the highway that said "Got a Bra Problem? See Anna" Made me laugh out loud. Anyways, I stopped in and they measured me. Turns out I was buying the wrong size...
  16. Ehigh57

    Please HELP us get the word out !!!!

    Thanks Tinted!
  17. Ehigh57

    Please HELP us get the word out !!!!

    My Husband and I have a new website we'd like to tell you about and we need your help getting it off the ground. Membership is easy and FREE. All you need is a Username, an email address and your zip code. It's purpose allows folks that would like to help others to put together a Motorcycle...
  18. Ehigh57

    Power of BYC at work :)

  19. Ehigh57

    Anyone in GA/TN/NC Area Feel That Earthquake Awhile Ago?

    Quote: I'm a little more than 30 miles south of Atlanta in Newnan. Hello
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