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  1. Yardmom

    Throw away eggs or put them in the fridge?

    Those eggs are fine no need to treat them differently than any other. Also I'm not sure you should use soap to wash eggs. I just use warm water and a soft brush if needed.
  2. Yardmom

    Broody hen sitting on fake eggs for too long

    Chickens often sit until the eggs hatch, not until 3 weeks has gone by. Hopefully just removing the eggs will break her. Do you have other chickens? All you need to do is pick eggs so she doesn't have anything to sit on. A broody hen is only a problem if you can't pick the eggs fast enough.
  3. Yardmom

    Not a Barred Rock?

    Leg color is a difference between cm and barred rock. Some rocks might not be as clearly barred as others, but the legs would be yellow on a br.
  4. Yardmom

    Help! Brooding Hen has not hatched any!

    I have the same problem. My eggs under my hen never developed and she is sitting like lock down. I am wondering if I take her eggs or just lock her out of my brood cage. I don't want her to loose her gentleness with my kids. She previously let them play with her chicks
  5. Yardmom

    What to do!! 2 broody hens fighting over nest!! Plus got a new duckling too!!!

    I put broody hens in a cage in the coop with fresh eggs. If they are left where other hens can go you will end up with eggs at all different stages. I would use two cages for this.
  6. Yardmom

    Is my labrador safe with chickens?

    Many people leave dogs and chickens loose together. Start with the dog on a leash. Then loose supervised. Hopefully this will show what instincts are strong. Most dogs will protect not harm.
  7. Yardmom

    Light Barred Rock? Better pics.

    One SLW is a roo, the other is probably a pullet. It does not look like any are barred rocks. Like mentioned above, rocks have yellow legs, (or is it just the lighting) but the birds are pullets. Way to dark for cockerels. As they grow they may get clearer barrs.
  8. Yardmom

    Khaki Campbell sexing?

    Can you separate them and listen. It sounds like you know what to listen for. I think some of my KCs got Drake feathers before you could tell by head color. I have had similar issues with to many male birds. 3 roos for every 2 hens and only 4 hens out of 15 in my ducks last year.
  9. Yardmom

    Different egg dates

    You count the days of incubation not the days since eggs laid. If you mean the hen started sitting on them at different times count from the ones with the head start. The chicks will roll the unhatched eggs at lock down.
  10. Yardmom

    Eggs are at different development stages

    The still air allows different temps at different spots. When I used a still air I rotated egg location . I realize that is information for next time. I think now you should take the eggs out of the Turner and go into lock down. Any that hatch will roll the other eggs. Hope you get several...
  11. Yardmom

    Muscovy Duckling Premature - need advice

    Was it in brood nest? Will others hatch soon? Try to slip it back in when the others hatch. Otherwise find a friend (another duckling if possible) to raise it with.
  12. Yardmom

    What's wrong with my duck?

    I'M not familiar with the food you are using, but I find that sometimes my ducks need oyster shells to put their shells on.
  13. Yardmom

    Broody Hen Hasn't Done a Broody Poo..!?

    I would guess everything is fine. Some don't eat much during brooding, so not as much comes out. My guess is she is pooing when she is up, just not in the amounts of your other broody.
  14. Yardmom

    Help!! Will hen continue to sit?

    I would expect removing the chick to work. There is a good chance she will stay and wait "sensing' the other chicks even if you don't remove the chick. You could always finish them in the incubator if you have it warmed up ready to go.
  15. Yardmom

    Blue Egg Thread

    I have a few hatchery quality ameraucana, so a variety of blue to green. My bluest egg comes from a Welsh Harlaquinn Cross duck
  16. Yardmom

    Help? Hen sitting on eggs

    A small cage is fine if you don't have room for food or water you can just let her out a couple times of day. My cage has enough room for her on the eggs water food and dusting space, but I open the door while I do chores. The hens return before I'm ready to go.
  17. Yardmom

    Help? Hen sitting on eggs

    I have moved broody hens without a problem. Eggs at different stages could be a problem. If she were mine I think I would restart her in a cage with fresh eggs so all chicks are ready to leave at the same time.
  18. Yardmom

    Easter egger

    Be careful some hatcheries use the correct spelling. They are still what byc members call EE. I believe the Ameracanas that only lay blue eggs ect. are sold by color name by breeders.
  19. Yardmom

    14 Eggs in nest

    If she is going broody she will start staying on the eggs for longer times . Many times this starts at night. Then she will only get off a couple of hours a day. If you leave eggs out they will keep laying in the nest even if they are not broody. On the other hand a broody hen will sit on one...
  20. Yardmom

    Easter egger

    My apologies if I didn't spell the breeds correctly.
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